Wayne Selden reclassifies to 2013

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Wayne Selden reclassifies to 2013

I think it's a good move. Now is only a year away from playing top competition and being around top college coaches.

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It is a good move

He is ready to go to college, at least physically. He will be turning 18 on September 30 and will now be a 19 year old to start his freshman season rather than 20 had he waited until 2014. Think that he is still a highly rated player in 2013, saw that ESPN moved him to 20 in 2013.

This makes Selden the 7th rated SG in the class behind James Young, Aaron Harrison, Keith Frazier, Jabari Bird, Isaac Hamilton and Matt Jones. Seems like those are good players for him to work up to. He is currently the next to last 5 star before Xavier-Rathan Mayes, a player who having seen I believe Selden has more potential than. This seems like a strong class of SG's and I think Selden is a great addition.

Now, lets hope that Andrew Wiggins also moves to 2013, making it that much stronger. Andrew is about 5 months younger than Wayne Selden, but older than a few of the other top players including Jabari Parker and Aaron Gordon. I feel he is as good as anyone in the class, if not the top HS player in the nation. Any decision he makes is fine, but I ultimately would love to see him playing college ball somewhere in 2013, rather than just further dominating his HS peers.

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