Wayne Selden

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Wayne Selden

It's hard to call someone underrated as the #14 high school prospect, but I feel like he could end up being one of the best NBA players out of the class of 2013. It seems like he's got a really well rounded game and doesn't seem to have any glaring weaknesses. I think that he's right there with James Young in the running for being the #1 SG taken in the 2014 draft. I'll admit I haven't seen enough of either Selden or Young to compare them, but obviously they're both really talented, athletic, and posses good size as 2's. One thing I really like about Selden is his strength and I think he has the potential to be a lock down defender. How do you guys think these two compare? Who's better now and who has better NBA potential? I think it's a pretty interesting topic considering the lack of really good SG's in the NBA today.

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wayne selden is very

wayne selden is very underrated in my opinion, he has great size for the shooting guard position 6'5/6'6 and about 225 and hes an exceptional athlete, i think he gonna do his thing at kansas and possibly be the 4th best player out the class in the draft very well rounded game he has great upside on both sided of the ball imo

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Reminds me Xavier Henry, I

Reminds me Xavier Henry, I hope you have more luck than he.

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Na, Henry was huge and very

Na, Henry was huge and very strong, but he didn't use his bulk nor was he a physical player. Seldon, on the other hand, is a tougher, more aggressive guy, IMO.

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He is much better iso/ball

He is much better iso/ball handler already then Xavier Henry every was.

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Poor mans Wade

From the highlight videos I've watched I see a lot of Wade in his game. I think he could develop into that kind of player that can post up and help initiate an offense. I think to achieve that same sort of greatness he would have to tighten his handle but I think he could be a big time pro scorer because of is strength, finishing ability and athleticism a la Wade.

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D Wade

The D Wade comparison is definitely a good one for Wayne, 6-5 guard who is better built body-wise than anyone else in his class. He can get to the rim at will and has developed his outside game. He played poorly in the Jordan Brand Classic but I guess he had the flu. He came in third (out of eight) in the McDonald's three point contest, I was very surprised he was in that instead of the Dunk Contest but he is great in both aspects. He is a complete opposite player from what KU had last year with McLemore. Ben couldn't created his own shot or drive to the basket for his life while Selden is exceptional at creating his own shot.

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