Wayne Seldem - 6'5 power dunker

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Wayne Seldem - 6'5 power dunker

mixtape fresh out!

this guy is underrated, i should've said it before when espn had him ranked 20 three days ago, now he's at 13. rivals still got him at 23.

i think he's a top 10 talent and i would take him it among there.

scary thing is that i read he likes florida. “I like them because they have great guard play. They have a great up-tempo offense and Billy Donovan is a great coach that has won championships.”.... if he decides to go to FL they'll have one of the sickest incoming group of players in kasey hill, chris walker and him

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surprisingly good passer.

surprisingly good passer.

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how old is he

He reclassified right? Wasnt he in the 2014 class ?

He nice though. I saw a game (higlights) he had against Ledo. He got busy

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Taller Dion Waiters.

Taller Dion Waiters.

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UNDERRATED. Imo he's the

UNDERRATED. Imo he's the best guard in the country. reminds me so much of D Wade that it's scary

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How he's ranked in the 20s by

How he's ranked in the 20s by some services is beyond me, especially if they're ranking according to pro potential. He already has an NBA body and athleticism. He's also more than an athletic scorer as well. There are some similarities with Waiters. Selden's not the quickest guy either, but he's got better size, has a better looking stroke and will move the ball as opposed to just looking to make the play himself. He doesn't have Waiters' handle, but he's not as ball-dependent either.

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That last dunk was great, he

That last dunk was great, he starts pointing at the kid he dunked on and the kid can't help but start laughing.

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They looked more like friends

They looked more like friends to me since he points at him

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