Wayne Ellington

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Wayne Ellington

I think he has locked up a spot in the first round. He is a similar if not better prospect than Rashad McCants, who went lottery in a similar draft. His offensive game is far smoother than any other wing in the draft, and has measured in 6'4.75 without shoes on, which is solid 2guard hieght. He is a willing defender, imrpoved every year, and ready to contribute right away. Another thing that he has going for him is that he went through the process last year, so he knows what to expect and prepare for. Final four MOP does amazing things for your prospects, ask the Florida Kids and Sean May. Mario Chalmers wasn't a great pro prospect in a loaded class, so he slipped to round two. Ellington doesnt have the size or position questions, and has proven himself, does anybody here think he falls out of the first?

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Wayne Ellinton

Ellington has game. Late 1st early 2nd.

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his 6'4 and 3/4s height was actually with shoes, it was 6'3 and 3/4s without shoes but he is still a legit 6'5 and doesnt lie about his height like many ballers listing himself at 6'4 and i can see how compared him to mccants b.c. they both played 2 guard for unc but mccants is way more aggressive, ellington is more finess but one thing about both of them that i see is that they both can be good nba players(mccants is makin a livin) but i dont see them livin up to their hype, both were ranked 1 as shooting guards comin out of high school and i dont really see them being all-star caliber but i think ellington has a better chance to be one then mccants

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With his consistent paly all year, and dominant tourney performance he has def. earned himself a spot n tha 1st round of tha draft hands down no questions

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Somewhere between 20-30 he will get picked, he has earned himself a spot in the first round.

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He showed out!!!

He has played himself into the 20-25 range. He is alot like McCants except he doesnt hav the bead character or selfish attitude. He reminds me of Ray Allen,I think he will be a huge scorer/shooter in the league

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Little Stock Rise?

He did right choices whole tournament.

-Good rebounding
-Clever assists
-Almost 20 ppg with very unselfish play
-Over 50 percentages 3 points play in 5 tournament games (17/32)
-Big time scorer
-Not undersized
-Good character

So tell me what is your team expecting from a shooting guard?
Why he is 20-30?

I believe he deserves late lottery to 20 and he will!

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played well

I think wayne may have helped his stock the most. Wayne has been consistent all year and hasnt had 2 many injury problems. The kid is smooth and has a nice feel for the game. I think he looks 2 be a good pro

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That's pretty much the blueprint on how to get yourself solidly into to the first round maybe late lotto. If your a borderline first round prospect, putting up tournament MVP numbers on the national championship winning team is your golden ticket to guaranteed NBA dollars. He would have to shoot like crap during the pre draft workouts to fall out of the middle of the first round.

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At worst 27th pick...but at best 21.
Jazz-hornets-thunder-grizzlies that's all.

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I think Wayne Ellington

I think Wayne Ellington should play in the 1st round, he's worked so hard to get there I think he should go 12th in the 1st round because he's done great. He had a bad season & the last 2months has been a tear he's worked hard no one can do what he has done.

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The difference between him

The difference between him and McCants is that Ellington has a great head on his shoulders. He plays within himself, is calm, smooth and composed. He has come lightyears better on the defensive end from this freshman season and doesn't limit himself to the 3 point line but scores in a variety of ways. I see a lot of Rip Hamilton in him. I think he will be a step below Rip when it is all said and done. He will be a solid player in the NBA IMHO.

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Went first round, not sure if

Went first round, not sure if he has earned solid NBA player yet. Below average

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You really dug this one

You really dug this one up....I played with Wayne in a Summer league when he was going to 9th grade and I knew he was special. As a freshmen he was the go to player on a team that had two seniors who each scored over 1000 points. If he would have stayed at Daniel Boone high school instead of going to play with Gerald Henderson at Episcopal he would have been the first player since Donyell Marshall to make the NBA from Berks County PA. I thought he would do a bit more in the NBA after winning the final four MOP but he has been decent. He has averaged 6.5 ppg playing 18mpg and shoots 37% from 3. He has not added too much onto his game but Wayne is one of those players that gets the most out of his ability. He will never be spectacular but he is a good shooter to bring off the bench for 12-14 minutes a game.

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