Wayne Chism and Devan Downey sign with Antalya

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Wayne Chism and Devan Downey sign with Antalya

From WBIR Knoxville

Wayne Chism has accepted an offer to play basketball for Antalya in the Turkish Basketball League. This is the same league that former Vols Chris Lofton and Tyler Smith played for.

Jared Karnes, a local attorney and executive vice president at Allegiant Athletic Agency, confirmed that Chism has a signed a ten-month, six-figure contract.

The former Tennessee forward played for the Sacramento Kings in their Las Vegas summer league. Chism had an invitation to play in their fall training camp, but after learning that the Kings had signed two additional players on Friday, Chism felt it was in his best interest to decline their offer and play overseas.

Karnes said that Chism is still interested in playing the NBA, and this move to Turkey will help him reach that goal. Chism will leave for Turkey in mid-August.

From the Herald Online

Former South Carolina and Chester star Devan Downey has signed with a pro team in Turkey, according to a website in that country.

The Turkish website reported that Downey inked a contract with Antalya, which also signed former Tennessee forward Wayne Chism.

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Downey never had the size or

Downey never had the size or PG skills to ever sniff the NBA but I thought Chism could have made it as a role player. I think he's on the same level as a Lazar Hayward who is guaranteed an NBA spot this year.

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I agree, I like Chism's game,

I agree, I like Chism's game, and I really think he would have been one of those guys that flourishes more in the NBA than at the college level...he was very limited at UT...

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Downey is simply too small,

Downey is simply too small, erratic, and not a true enough PG to make it. He has serious heart and quickness though, and should be fine in lower level ball.

Chism could be a league minimum type of guy down the line obviously, seeing as he got a training camp invite. But he's still not an NBA player to me. He's doesn't have a great low post game, lacks athleticism, quickness and length,and his face-up ability is unpolished and too inconsistent. He also isn't great on D or on the glass to make up for it. I'd have a hard time seeing him play in the NBA more than as a 10 day contract guy.

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