The way too early fantasy football discussion thread.

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The way too early fantasy football discussion thread.

Just started looking around at some rankings this weekend and am getting back into the spirit of fantasy football. I've done it the past 3 seasons now and I went a little overboard for my liking by being in 4 leagues last year so I'm gonna cut it down to 3 leagues this season.

Anyways, what do your rankings look like? My top 10

1- Aaron Rodgers
2- drew brees
3- Peyton manning
4- tom Brady
5- cam newton
6- Andrew luck
7- Russell Wilson
8- Robert griffin
9- matt stafford
10- matt Ryan


1- Adrian Peterson
2-Arian foster
3- Doug Martin
4- marshawn lynch
5- jamaal Charles
6- cj spiller
7- lesean McCoy
8- Trent Richardson
9- ray rice
10- Darren McFadden


1- Calvin Johnson
2- aj green
3- dez Bryant
4- Brandon Marshall
5- Julio jones
6- Larry Fitzgerald
7- Percy Harvin
8- demaryous Thomas
9- Andre Johnson
10- victor Cruz

As for te, you got Graham and then everyone else. Not sure about gronkowski with the injury issues and not having seller
there to open up the middle short routes for him.

Also some big question marks at qb with guys like rg3, Wilson, luck and kapernick all having great potential but still

I dont know much about spiller or Trent Richardson, so are they ready to break out? Can McFadden and Harvin stay healthy?

I finished dead last in my main 100$ league, I drafted rivers, McFadden, Chris Johnson, Percy Harvin, jordy Nelson, and
Fred Davis to be my main starters(also drafted aj green but traded him early), talk about a disaster, lol.

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My opinion

It's not a bad looking list by any means. However, I think that you have Doug Martin rated WAY TOO HIGH. 3rd overall running back? He's proven to be well worth the draft pick that the Bucs selected him with. But even so, he won't put up the 3rd best numbers in the league.

Trent Richardson doesn't belong in the top 10. Especially over guys like Ray Rice. Trent Richardson is just too injury prone to use a high selection on him. Also, he wasn't too effective last year whenever he was healthy. I thought he was highly unimpressive for the Browns last season.

That's just my opinion. I don't play fantasy football, but I used too, and I wouldn't take Doug Martin until rounds 4-5, and Trent Richardson in like the 8-9 round. That's just my personal views.

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There are going to be a lot

There are going to be a lot of quality fantasy QBs this year with the additions of the young guns. I would actually take most of them (Luck, Wilson, RG3, Kap) over Cam Newton. I like Cam as a player but he seems pretty inconsistent even in fantasy. He doesn't have a lot of talent to throw to outside of an aging Steve Smith. They don't have much of a running game either.

CJ Spiller was crazy good last year averaging 6.5 YPC and he should be getting the bulk of the carries. Fred Jackson will take away points from him especially in goaline situations. You also have to account for the new coaching staff as well but without a great QB you would assume they will feature the run heavily. The only issues that will stop CJ would be those beyond his control (injury, play calling, O-line).

Run DMC is a great talent but he seems to be hurt for a bunch of games every year and I wouldn't expect anything different until he shows it. Dennis Allen should understand the importance of a good running game especially lacking a great QB. If he is healthy he should be a top 10 RB but that is a big IF.

Richardson I like a lot as a player but not that much in fantasy considering the lack of talent around him. He will get some yards and TDs but every defense he faces will be focused on stopping him first and foremost so I wouldn't reach for him.

Other RBs to look for: Alfred Morris, Stevan Ridley, Monte Ball, Eddie Lacy and Jonathon Franklin

I wouldn't reach too high for Fitzgerald considering their offensive line is atrocious and they have another new QB (albeit a better option). Harvin should make magic with Wilson and I wouldn't be too concerned with his injury history. I would put Demaryous Thomas ahead of both of them and expect a real big year from him. Randall Cobb is a player I think will be on the cusp of being a top 10 receiver with Jennings moving on.

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You might be right about Doug

You might be right about Doug and Trent being too high, but no way they go as late as you suggest. Any starting rb gauranteed of 15+ touches is gonna be gone by round 5. Doug has nobody to steal touches from him and he's a 3 down back. He got almost 1500 yds and 11 td's last year as a rookie. I'm willing to bet he goes first round in 99% of leagues this year unless he tears an acl between now and august.

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I like Charles

I like Charles to have a Westbrook style career year. I could see him break the single season yard record for a RB though TD's may not be as plentiful compared to the yardage.

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@NCarmean18... Martin in the

@NCarmean18... Martin in the 5th round? The guy won't last till the 7th pick in the draft. He had Almost 2000 total yards last year as a rookie, 11 Td's. He's getting back 2 pro bowl guards that were hurt last year.

@llperez. I like your lists, but Harvin over D Thomas and Nicks. And Matt Ryan is a little low to me. He now has Sjax as a RB which will open up the check down pass that Turner did not. And those 7 yards here and there add up over a game.

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