Watchability of College Hoops

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Watchability of College Hoops

I mean my god...that was a rough double header.

Here you had the most talent on display in back to back games in I don't know how long...

But this "new" officiating is just killing it. I get there will be a transition period, but if they are going to ref like this they really need to add the 6th foul.

Both games lasted like 2 1/2 hours because there was just foul after foul after foul after foul.

Some of it just illogical...and some of it is guys making calls on plays they can barely see.

Please NCAA, find a way to fix this.

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Borderline unbearable with

Borderline unbearable with all the foul calls. If it wasn't such an awesome lineup tonight I would've turned the TV off pretty quick.

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It was almost a chore to

It was almost a chore to watch both games. That's unacceptable.

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They ruined the end of both

They ruined the end of both games. If they want to get rid of hand checking, fine. But allow some contact on the interior. The interior is congested, there's gonna be some contact. Guards are gonna dig. Shots will be contested. Post defenders will try to offer some resistance so they don't get steamrolled. Bigs will and SHOULD fight for position.

They're doing legit NBA prospects a disservice by neutering them defensively. Even fundamentally sound position defense is being penalized. They're going to have to relearn physical defense at the next level, but I doubt the NCAA cares.

This is awful for the game. They went way overboard with the rule changes. They didn't just have annual points of emphasis like they do in the NBA. They CHANGED the rules.

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You're totally right, they

You're totally right, they need to add a 6th foul. I hadn't thought of that. As someone who played a lot of basketball, and was taught the fundamentals, I'm really mad about these new defensive rules.

The announcers for the two Champions Classic games were saying that the hand check rules were a good idea because they allow players to show off their talent and skill.

I couldn't disagree more. This is taking the defense out of basketball. Honestly, I can understand taking a full extension hand check out of the game, but the arm bar? seriously?

It's next to impossible to guard people if you let them get into your chest. On the dribble drive you are taught to target the defender's hip. If they get into your chest, it's only a matter of lowering your shoulder below theirs, and leaning into them to round the corner.

On defense it is next to impossible to guard someone without an arm bar. I played a lot of post defense and offense, and the entire trick to playing (besides the leg leverage trick) is to keep the offensive player off of your body with an arm bar. If they get into your body, a spin or drop step with the leading elbow around your side will seal you away from the basket.

There is no way to defend a good post scorer while only using your chest to counter their initial move. I saw Dakari Johnson get called for one, and he was like WTF how do i guard this guy. These new rules aren't just bad for watchability (also these rules were definitely created to make the game more interesting, because they are meant to inhibit the defender, therefore making games have more offense), they're bad for the game of basketball. They undermine defense, which the game of basketball is nothing without.

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Also add

In addition to adding a 6th foul, they also need to lower the shot clock closer to 24 seconds. I can live with 30 seconds if need be but I'd love to see it 24-28.

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I get the frustration with

I get the frustration with the fouls, but that Duke-Kansas game was still incredibly fun to watch, at least for me. That was incredibly high level basketball for this time of the year. Wiggins and Parker were both incredible and Wayne Selden looks fantastic. The game went up-and-down the floor with excellent offense by each team.

The fouls impacted the Michigan State game more, as that game was not quite as well played, with neither team moving the ball or executing the way Duke and Kansas did in the later game. There, the fouls disrupted the flow of the game more since there was less flow to begin with.

I don't mind the cutting down on perimeter hand checking and grabbing of players off the ball, as that just disrupts the game more when it isn't called, but the calls for any bit of contact in the post or at the rim was rather ridiculous. The offensive player can't always be given the benefit of the doubt at the rim. That has always been a problem in the NCAA, though. The rule changes, in my opinion, disrupt the game less than the fouls they already called too much of, namely loose ball fouls and shooting fouls.

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maybe it's just me but I like

maybe it's just me but I like it. All these players grew up learning how to play the wrong way, and now that they changed the rules to how the game is supposed to be played, none of them can play without fouling every second. I was always taught there isn't supposed to be any contact, and if there is it's a foul.

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It's ruined college

It's ruined college basketball without a doubt. Dear god, think about March Madness, there's no way the games are going to start on schedule when you play 8 games a day and every one of them starts 45 minutes late.

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Free Throw Contest

College Basketball is going to become a free throw contest. I can't ever remember watching a game get to the double bonus faster than KU vs Duke yesterday. I personally like coming down the stretch and have a kid have to make the front end of a one and one. Right now there is no flow, it seems the kids have no clue what is and isn't a foul. Teams that are not deep are going to be in trouble, they will have to leave stars on the floor and just tell them to play no d, not to pick up that 3 or 4th foul. I agree players should get a 6th foul, or go back to the original way it was being called and decrease the shot clock to 30 if you want more offense.

I will say this, I'll bet more coaches start to think zone and there is less chance to reach.

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