Watch Out For Pierre Jackson

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Watch Out For Pierre Jackson

I firmly believe that Pierre Jackson will be a solid contributor in the league. I don't think there is a person in the country, NBA or NCAA, who has his speed and quickness other than maybe Ty Lawson and Peyton Siva. The kid is a strong, fearless guard and even though he is under 6 feet tall, his motor, and raw athleticism more than make up for it. His lack of stature and coming from a JUCO before enrolling at Baylor almost gives him that chip on his shoulder like he has something to prove.

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I agree, I think Pierre is

I agree, I think Pierre is going to at worst be a change of pace guard off the bench who can reignite his team. Tough, leader, and very good basketball skills.

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I been trying to tell'em lol

I been trying to tell'em lol naw but I agree with you, many people think Jackson's turnovers will haunt him in the league, but turnovers happen to anybody, Jackson is super quick, can handle the ball and can shoot, he has no weakness, besides height*which he makes up for with extreme athleticism) and turning the ball over.

I think he is going to end up just like Isaiah Thomas or better and be the steal of the draft, or one of the steals of the draft.

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Yes indeed

I too agree, I try to never doubt heart!!!
And he has a lot of heart!!!

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Jackson is going to have a

Jackson is going to have a better rookie year then most of the guard drafted higher then him. He will be a great back up point guard.

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Add me to the club that is

Add me to the club that is high on Pierre Jackson. He reminds me of Nate Robinson but he is more of a playmaker. He is ultra athletic which makes up for his lack of size. He should have a similar career to a Will Bynum and be a solid 6th man/backup point guard.

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