watch out for the jazz

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watch out for the jazz

the draft have many options for what they can do in the future but here is th best one get rid of AK47 becuase he makes to much money for someone who comes off the bench .Next move is to draft Vessely not Kanter because you really dont need another Bigman in Utah when you have Favors who will be awesome in the future and Milllsap off the bench and then at the center position you still have Jefferson who you really DO NOT NEED TO TRADE you just need the coaches to teach him how to play defense and he is stilll only 26 years old .Then for the next pick you take Jimmer .So when the draft is all said and done the Jazz rotation will look like this

pg-Jimmer Bench - Devin harris

sg-Gordan Heyward Bench- Raja Bell

sf-Vessely Bench-C.J Miles

pf-Favors Bench- Millsap

C-Jefferson Bench- Fesenko and Okur

give them some years and they will be making a run at the finals

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