Washington Wizards

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Washington Wizards

Majority of people seem to think the Wizards are a lower playoff team, but the reason I've not bought in is they have a lot of injury prone players on their roster.

Reports are the Emeka Okafor and Chris Singleton are already injured. Okafor is out indefinitely with a herniated disc and Singleton is out with a broken foot.

Will this team stay healthy enough to make the playoffs?

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Just read the same on yahoo

Just read the same on yahoo and this means their frontcourt is pretty weak now if you ask me. Vesely and Porter should profit from this but I have concerns they really aren't ready. Seraphin could be in a bigger role now but non the less this is no good news for this team.

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I was concerned about when

I was concerned about when Otto Porter said he was really surprised at the speed of the game over the summer league. It only gets faster once the regular season starts and you're playing against the likes of Kevin Durant and Lebron James. He really got used to the methodical pace at Georgetown under John Thompson III and to say that Georgetown uses a controlled system and doesn't play a wide open game like NBA teams is an understatement. I think Porter will eventually become a good player, but it will take a lot of adjusting for him to get used to the NBA game. I think the Wiz are a playoff team. Wall is the key and he will have to stay healthy the entire season for that to happen.

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About Nene, the question is

About Nene, the question is not if, but when he is gonna get hurt. How many games do you think he'll play this year? 60 to 65?

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If they can get the whole

If they can get the whole roster together then they are play off contenders, I think they were above .500 when John Wall played last season and a fit Nene can give them good production but can Nene get through 75 games at least I wonder.

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This is a big blow for them.

This is a big blow for them. They have little depth at C. Which means Seraphin will get more minutes and Nene will likely play more Center .I had them as a low seed and still do. They just need to hope 1 of their young bigs steps up. They got young bigs going into year 3 and 4. They should be able to step in by now and fill a role on the team.

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I'm not sure if they can

I'm not sure if they can squeeze into an 8th seed if they continue to be plagued by injuries, but in a year where the Draft is predicted to be so strong, I'm not sure management would be all that disappointed if they don't make playoffs. They could pick up a young big like Mitch McGary or Joel Embiid if he slips if they end up having a pick in the 10-15 range and that could put them over in a weaker east, especially if the balance of power changes in the East after this season, with Melo and Lebron both going into free agency, and possibly making departures elsewhere that could blow up the East play off picture and open it up for a lot of lesser teams.

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I'd be on the phone with PHX

I'd be on the phone with PHX asking if they'd take Ariza & a couple 2nd rounders for Gortat. I too had them as a playoff but when you take away Okafor that hurts a lot defensively and depth wise

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