Warriors Trade Take 2

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Warriors Trade Take 2

Warriors trade David Lee, Harrison Barnes, and Klay Thompson


Kevin Love, Kevin Martin, Jose Barea, and the 13th pick from Minnesota

and then

GSW trades the 13th pick for Toronto's 20th & 37th potentially, or OKC's 21st & 29th


GSW drafts either Dougie McBuckets or Kyle Anderson


Magic Jordan
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T Wolves are not giving up

T Wolves are not giving up the 13th pick in any trade involving K Love.

Nick Young
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i don't know, man. It looks

i don't know, man. It looks like both teams get screwed in that deal.

Minny loses their star player and their first-rounder, and the Dubs lose young talent and acquire even more players that don't play D.

Also, I don't think Dougie Fresh or SlowMo will be available at 20, and even if they were, I would much rather have Klay Thompson than Doug. But that's just my thoughts.

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If the Wolves can get Stauskas at 13 I say forget the Warriors deal and search elsewhere. Once the teams hoping to sign Lbj or C. Anthony miss out they will increase offers for K Love.

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Best to have a third team

Best to have a third team involved in this trade to help it go smoother, heard LA wants Klay Thompson

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