Warriors Trade Options at 7 - post ideas

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Warriors Trade Options at 7 - post ideas

My number 1 hope is that GSW can package #7 & Dorell Wright for Andre Iguodala but I am afraid that is wishful thinking.

Lets hope that I am wrong, but I am actually afraid that all good trade thoughts for GSW are wishful thinking....

Throw them out there regardless!

Because CJ Miles is a free agent, I want Utah to re-sign him for like 3 years at 3 mil. and send him along with Paul Millsap to GSW for the #7 and Andres Biedrins.

This would allow Utah to draft the likes of Dion Waiters, and to afford Kanter and Favors more PT.

Warriors would have a deeper bench, a back up at sg for Klay in CJ, and more financial flexibility/freedom with Millsap only on board for one more year.

Plus, who doesn't love the gritty play that Millsap brings to the court.

GSW has 4 draft picks and there is lots of talent to be had, but they should not draft more than 3 players.

So GSW has got to make some moves.

GO GSW!!!!!

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Falls to 7 I would love for the Bulls to trade GS Deng for him.

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If MKG falls to the Warriors

If MKG falls to the Warriors at 7 I'd love for the Dubs to keep him.

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deng in golden state

i think the deng to GS is much more plausible than the iggy trade but i would love to see either one of those trades happen

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a question, i heard Bobcats

a question, i heard Bobcats are looking to get rid of Tyrus Thomas, do you guys think there is any chance GSW could make a deal somehow to absorb TT contract for moving up to the second spot and than to grab MKG who is the optimal player for them in the all planet!

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I think i will stay with it till the end, barnes a warrior.

Davis clear cut number one, and then a complete starting 5 lillard-beal-MKG-robinson-drummond, blazers want both lillard and drummond, kings would select one of them, keeping or trading down.

We speak about deng for the warriors, he's a deng at best, so 7th pick plain and simple.

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This isn't an idea, but Chris

This isn't an idea, but Chris Broussard is reporting the warriors and Nuggets are discussing a trade that would send the 7th pick to Denver for Wilson Chandler. More pieces may be involved

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Warriors might try to swap pick with the Kings.

I hear they like Barnes. Kings may be able to still get their player at 7.

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As a GSW fan .. i like

As a GSW fan .. i like neither of these trades....I still say we build around youth... not overpaid wing players SF's who are getting up their in age and barely create their own shots...

I still say we Draft PJ3 MKG ... if we dont get 1 of the 2 or maybe even lillard and package a steph curry for rudy gay.... then i would be absolutely pissed... I just don't see you winning with those guys as anything better than a third or 4th option..thanks but no thanks

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Nuggets and Warriors Trade?

Talks between them and the Nuggets are active about #7 for Wilson Chandler or another one of the Nuggets young players. As a Nuggets fan I don't like it.

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It's hard to see MKG or

It's hard to see MKG or Barnes falling, but the Warriors really need one of those 2. If Sac moves that pick, it may even go from unlikely to the most likely scenario given a team would be moving up for Andre. Either MKG or Barnes, but particularly MKG, would fit this team incredibly.

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# 7

Golden State appears willing to trade #7 in a deal for an established SF such as Andre Iguodala, Rudy Gay or Luol Deng. Memphis won't trade Gay (they need him). And Philly seems hesitant to part with Iguodala unless they can be certain they're getting superior value in return. That leaves Deng. The Chicago trade for Deng is still on the table for a combination of fiscal and basketball reasons, I think, despite media reports to the contrary.

MKG and Barnes will likely be gone before the Warriors pick. MKG probably to Cleveland at #4 and Barnes to Sacramento at #5.

The Warriors appear to be focusing on Dion Waiters, Andre Drummond and Terrence Ross if they keep the pick, but drafting one of those guys doesn't mean a trade won't happen. Philly is known to be very interested in Drummond and Ross, while the Bulls would be interested in Waiters, Lamb and Ross.

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