Warriors should make these trades to improve their Defense

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Warriors should make these trades to improve their Defense

Warriors get absolutely better on the defensive end of the court. And with the #11 pick the could choose Chris Singelton or Kawhi Leonard and let Iguodala play the SG to really have a defensive lineup, or draft one of the scoring SG/SF like Alec Burks,Jordan Hamilton, Tyler Honeycutt, Klay Thompson, Tobias Harris, or Marson Brooks to give them so firepower.(curry, iguodala, singleton, lee, kaman) to me would be the best lineup

Sixers get their next Allen Iverson in Ellis who will definitely make them better

Clippers get a solid backup in Biedrins for now starter DeAndre Jordan, and a starting sf Wright that can really help them on offense and defense with his1.5 steals per game and almost 1 blk (0.8)

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thats not that bad of a

thats not that bad of a trade. but the warriors certainly win it.

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Clippers want their cap space

Clippers want their cap space for next offseason if they can't trade Kaman for a "star caliber" SF for Gordon and Griffin. If they can't trade Kaman to fill that need then they'll have cap space for the summer of Howard, Paul and Williams when his contract expires.

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Good trade for the dubs

I like the trade being a dubs fan, but I doubt that the clips would be interested in making that move because no one wants a backup center who has regressed last two years and makes 9 mil a year (except Mark Cuban), plus Kaman has more trade value than that.

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