Warriors needs?

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Warriors needs?

so with no draft pick (so far) in this year draft what do the warriors do. What are the needs? should they be major players in Free agency? Well here are my thoughts with Curry and Thompson in the backcourt thats a lock for years. Barnes needs more minutes and will get that in his 2nd year. DLee is a double double machine and i still dont know what hand he writes with lol. And Bogut just needs to be 100% healthy and provide 10 points 8 rebounds and 3 blocks shit just give me 35 minutes a night.

Now to the Bench: Jarett Jack is a FA and could start for a handful of teams my gut tells me he going to get 5mil a year from a GOOD team and I dont think the Warriors are going to give Jack that. (3yrs-15mil) even though Jack as been quoted as wanting to stay. Another FA (player option) is Carl Landry an undersize 4 that plays his butt off and can provide some low post scoring. Wing Man Brandon Rush opt to stay who is recovering from a ACL injury and should be back to back up Thompson and barnes. Draymond Green is a solid basketball player but he does not need to play more than 5 minutes he just doesnt have a position and shoots TOO MANY threes! Backup Center Ezeli needs to ask GOD for new hands this guy drops everything likes he has baby oil on them. Big Guy with no skills aka Andris Biedrins. As the 12th man you gotta keep Kent Bazemore he is a funny guy on the bench and crowd favorite he gives you that high school college feel.

Draft/Free Agency/Trade: In my book I say you buy a 2nd round pick and get a Point Guard or Combo to back up Curry just in Case a ANKLE or if Jack gets better deal. Free agent wise I would LOVE to see Andre Iguodala come in and be that lock down defender on the wing which mean Barnes goes to bench. Trade Biedrins ans next year pick to Orlando for Big Baby Davis who can play Center/Forward just in case Landry leaves.

What you guys think?

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I think someone will over pay

I think someone will over pay for Jack so more than likely they lose him, Landry said he wants to stay and went there for less money last time so maybe he does the same thing. So with Jack being overpaid for I think they should look at Jose Calderon. Brandon Rush will also be back, but what this team needs is just to grow together as a team. They have a young back court and what they really need is just experience and there bigs and steph curry to stay healthy.

Curry - Calderon
Thompson - Rush
Barnes - Green
Lee - Landry
Bogut - Ezili

Next season they will have
Biedrins and Jefferson off their books which is 20 million

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If they can't pay Jack, they can't pay Calderon

they have no reason to go after Iggy. They can probably grab C.J. Watson or Patty Mills to back up Curry, not much else they can do.

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Your posts give me headaches

Your posts give me headaches every time I see them.

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Iggy is the last guy the W's need. They have Thompson, Barnes, Rush who effectively play @ the 2/3. Rush led the team shooting .452 from 3 the season before he got hurt. Barnes proved he is a starter this postseason.

They need to sign a pg. Jack was ideal last year but he is worth more than they may be willing to offer. I'd like them to bring back Charles Jenkins. He has played under Jackson, fits the culture, can be had for cheap, and is familiar w/ the organization.

Their biggest concern is health. Bogut, Lee, Curry, Rush, and Ezeli all need to recover for them to build on this past season.

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Compete for Jerryd Bayless.

Compete for Jerryd Bayless. He should be cheaper than Jarett Jack.

They won't make a run at Monta Ellis, but what if they do? A three guard rotation of Steph, Klay Thompson, and Monta Ellis would be sweet!

I would do a Jack/ Carl Landry for Monta Ellis sign and trade.

If they can't do that, then they should sign Seth Curry as an undrafted free agent. Not as dynamic as his big brother but
he can still shoot. If Seth is not drafted then the Warriors should pick him up for shooting and depth.

DJ Stephens would be good too. Great energy and athleticism. Can run with them and then block some shots. He might not be drafted either.

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