Warriors to interview Mike Brown and Dwayne Casey

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Warriors to interview Mike Brown and Dwayne Casey

Brown was the Cavs old coach and Casey is Dallas' top assistant and went 20-20 as a Minnesota HC a few years back (I think after KG). Who would be the better hire for the W's?

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Haha, would be hilarious if

Haha, would be hilarious if they hired Mike Brown, even if just to see if they'd buy into his defensive mindset.

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mike brown

he is a very def minded coach good mention if the warriros would by into his def mind set if they do he makes them a play off team

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Mike Brown, smh, but Dwane Casey is nice

The ONLY reason why Mike Brown made it to the playoffs when he was coaching the Cavs was because he had Lebron James on his team. Other than that he pretty much sucked at being the coach. If he so "good" why do you think the Cavs promptly fired him after Lebron's last season in Cleveland was over?

I'm hoping Dwane Casey gets the job, but he is also being brought back for a second interview with Houston, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes there either.

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