Warriors to go after Andrew Bogut

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Warriors to go after Andrew Bogut

My Dubs are making a play for Andrew Bogut, nothing is iminent yet though. But the biggest problem is obviously gonna be Stephen Jackson. The Bucks want any Bogut suitor to take on Stephen Jackson, and we all know why we can't do that. Bogut is a good player, but I'd want more than an oft injured center for one of the top 10 scoring leaders in the league. Not a bad target though, but I think we should be a bit more patient.

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Not Suprised

The Warriors have been desperately searching for a big man all season. If they're that in need of a big body, why not go after a free agent, like Kyrylo Fesenko, or a D-Leaguer, like old man Mikki Moore?

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The Warriors still don't seem

The Warriors still don't seem to have made up their mind on Epe Udoh who has recently got the C starting gig but Bogut would give them legit size.

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Warriors try to go after every big man on the market (stoudermire, chandler, jordan, nene, howard, bogut, lopez). No need to hype anything from the W's until something actually happends unless its to NOH cuz stern could still potentially rescind it.

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I think its a gamle worth

I think its a gamle worth taking, if he comes back to form it could be the C the warriors has searched for. And to really "win" a trade u need to take chances (or having a superstar force his way) i think this is a move the Warriors should try to get done.

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Because they are looking for a good big man.

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You either gamble on Bogut or

You either gamble on Bogut or you spend another five years wandering the NBA wasteland. They aren't going to have cap room anytime soon, and they aren't going to draft someone who, when healthy, is an elite center when they are 9th-12th in the West every year. It is a worthy gamble. What is the worst outcome? Bogut doesn't get healthy and they miss the playoffs again? Well, that is where they are now.

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Good call aamir on the trade

Good call aamir on the trade

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