Warriors explore trading David Lee

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Warriors explore trading David Lee

"The Warriors tried to pry Portland's LaMarcus Aldridge as part of an offer that included Brandon Rush, league sources said. Portland has been engaging trade talks for Aldridge, but has pursued more robust offers than Golden State's proposal, sources said."

Do you guys think the warriors would be exploring trade options for lee if they didnt play so well without him in the playoffs?

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No way

You keep the team the way it is. If Lee was healthy the Warriors could of beat the Spurs. The only way you trade lee if its for d12.

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I'd sooner trade David Lee

I'd sooner trade David Lee for Lamarcus Aldridge than Dwight Howard. I think Aldridge's offensive skill set would fit better with the team the Warriors have now. It probably doesn't matter though since neither deal likely gets done.

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I would wait on that one

They aren't getting Aldridge for Lee right now. Portland would be fools to make this trade, at least until Lee is able to return from injury and prove that he is back and there are no setbacks or lingering problems.

My favorite part was the part where it says "as part of an offer that includes Brandon Rush" Seriously Golden State? You want Aldridge for a package that includes a backup swingman at best? Good luck with that one. What's your next proposal, Lillard for Kent Bazemore?

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As a GSW fan

I hope this is true. David Lee is a great player, but he will not fit GSW needs if they want to move up the West.

LaMarcus Aldridge's style of play will be a very good fit with the Warriors. Offensively, having Curry and Thompson coming of solid screens from Aldridge, and then having the ability to pop out for the open J will develop into many good options for the team. Defensively, Aldridge is not a great defender, but still effective via hard working style of defense will do fine with Bogut's presence. He also will able to defend out to the 3, allowing Bogut to focus solely on protecting the rim.

He is known to be a hard worker with great attitude. Should fit right in with the Warriors. I hope this deal does grow some legs and hopefully without losing the core of Curry Thompson Barnes & Bogut.

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i guess im in the minority

i guess im in the minority here as a warriors fan that wants to keep Lee. i think david is one of the more consistent post players in the league and is a blue collar player who brings effort each and every night. he may not have the length of an aldridge or the power of a randolph, but he's got grit and determination and leaves everything on the floor each and every time.

for a unit of guys who played well with each other last season which was the first time they all were able to be relatively healthy, they built great chemistry which helped them make the play-offs and reach the second round. if they build on that chemistry and blue collar approach, i think they could surpass the grizzlies in a couple of seasons as their young talent matures and hone their skills.

the only thing i would want them to really do in the off-season is A) resign jack and landry, and if thats not possible, B) resign jack and a replacement for landry. its important that they get a back-up post scorer such as landry who is also a pick and pop option. if leon powe was healthy he would have been a good fit. or they could trade RJ's expiring deal to a rebuilding team looking to shed salary such as orlando for Glen Davis, or to a much lesser extent, the celtics for Brandon Bass.

just someone to shore up the big man rotation and become their offensive spark when lee and bogut needs a breather and green will be too much of a mismatch.

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why would Portland do this? I

why would Portland do this? I love Lee's offensive game, but it is well documented that he's the worst inside defender in the league.

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Can GSW just trade him to Orl for the cap space? with all those big contracts coming off the books next year and lee contract gonne could GSW be a biiiiig player in the 2014 summer? Melo or Lebron playing 4 with Curry-Klay-Barnes

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