Warriors are only a MKG

Away from being what they want to be... Golden State needs to do what it takes to move to #2 to get MKG and It shouldn't be hard to convince Charlotte they can get T-ROB anywhere from 2-9.... If this happens Top 7 goes like this #1 Davis #2 MKG #3 Beal #4 Barnes #5 Drummond #6 Lillard #7 T-ROB... Depends what else u can get in deal if you are Charlotte but Robinson isn't a player anyone other than Charlotte that anyone seems to convert as a 6'9" PF... thoughts

So for making so long

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No possible way Thomas

No possible way Thomas Robinson goes #7.

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How is it that there is no way he could go that far down? All it takes is for Charlotte to pass on him and he wil fall trust me...

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