Warriors 2013/2014

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Warriors 2013/2014

With Lee hopefully returning at 100% and the addition of Iggy this off-season, what will the warrior's rotation be like next season? Their depth chart looks something like;

PG- S.Curry/T.Douglas/N.Nedovic
SG- K.Thompson/A.Igoudala/K.Bazemore
SF- A.Igoudala/H.Barnes/D.Green
PF- D.Lee/M.Speights/D.Green/H.Barnes
C- A.Bogut/J.O'Neal/F.Ezeli

My rotation would probably be

PG- Curry
SG- Thompson
SF- Iggy
PF- Lee
C- Bogut
6th man- Barnes
Then O'Neal, Speights, and Green

They got solid depth at every position except the PG. Toney Douglas plays good defense but is a terrible decision maker and Nedovic is an unknown. With 2 spots remaining on their roster, are any good free agent PGs left that can back up Curry for 10-15 min a night?

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Warriors fan should be really

Warriors fan should be really excited about their team this year. I was surprised Iggy signed with them and he makes them a considerably better defensive team all by himself. It will be interesting to see how Barnes reacts to coming off the bench this year since he really come on strong down the stretch for them last year. If Jermaine O'neal can give them 10-12 solid minutes a night off the bench, he could be a valuable asset for them. I think what is overlooked is how good of a job Mark Jackson has done with them. He has really established a winning culture there.

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Looking like a solid team

I honestly think that the Warriors can give ANYONE a tough series.

Lights-out perimeter shooting with 2 solid post presences in Lee and Bogut shold be a handful for most defenses.

If Iggy's defense rubs off a little on Barnes/ Klay Thompson and they lock down the wing positions, then the team will be able to hang with the big boys in the West.

Not saying they're contenders for the Western Finals, but they won't be a pushover in the playoffs this year.

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My rotation

Super 6th man (subbing from the 1-3): Iggy

Role players: Speights, Green, Bazemore, O'Neal

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Depth and Bersatility like

Depth and Versatility like this is rare, but good strengths for a team to have especially come playoff time

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Depth and Versatility like

Depth and Versatility like this is rare, but good strengths for a team to have especially come playoff time

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The Warriors are a perfect

The Warriors are a perfect fit for Iggy. He doesn't have to be the man because they already have legit scorers in Curry, Thompson and Lee. They also like to play uptempo and Iggy excels in the open court. He fit in decently with the Nuggets but he was still relied on to score a little too much because they didn't have great perimeter shooting, especially once Gallo went down.

The only downside of this signing is it could limit the minutes they give to Barnes and could hinder his development. That is a small price to pay though for one of the best perimeter defenders in the game. They are a legit title contender so the win now approach is more important than developing Barnes anyway.

The Warriors will surely be one of the most exciting teams in the league. I will be staying up late to watch the Warriors-Clippers and Warriors-Rockets matchups for sure. There is going to be a lot of exciting basketball played out west this year.

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I would be comfortable

I would be comfortable dropping bazemore at the point for 10-15 minutes, and maybe douglas is a questionable decision maker but he is one solid backup, former Berkeley resident with nothing but excitement for the Warriors this season

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"not contenders for the

"not contenders for the western conference"...

c'mon my dude. they most certainly are. besides the heat, they were the toughest team for SA in these past playoffs. if they stay healthy, i can easily see them giving OKC a run to the championship this year. i think GS, OKC, and HOU, and LAC are the teams in the West this year that all have a chance to make the championship.

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I would personally

I would personally go

6th: Thompson

I think Thompson could really thrive as a 6th man. He could have the kind of season KMart had last year for the Thunder, and really contend for 6th man of the year.
I like the Iggy/ Barnes unit better defensively to start the game strong and disrupt the other teams rhythm a bit early.

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I don;t like the idea of Iggy

I don;t like the idea of Iggy as a 6th man. I just think his defense would be best suited from the opening tip. He can really set the standard early and try to choke his opponent from the get go.

Also the loss of Jack is going to hurt the Warriors more than they realise.

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I think Bazemore is going to

I think Bazemore is going to play a much bigger role during the regular season and will get consistent minutes with Jack gone. No I don't expect Bazemore to play the same role as Jack, he's more of an off guard.

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Barnes was my favourite

Barnes was my favourite player in the 2012 draft, so I was following the Warriors as my Western Conference team last season and I'll be doing the same this year.

I think we'll see the team use Iggy as a de facto PG when Curry is off the bench. He makes a lot of sense as insurance in case Curry goes down to provide ball-handling and facilitation, and a lineup up Thompson, Barnes, Iggy, Lee and Bogut is pretty potent in its own right.

That said, I think Thompson is best suited to a role as 6th man; he has a tendency to coast if he plays extended minutes where he drifts in and out of the game, but if he has a defined role of scorer of the bench he should be able to maintain a more aggressive mindset.

The fact that Barnes can guard 2s and shoot the long ball helps matters as well.

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