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So Drummond wants to workout against Anthony davis. Does this remind you of anything?

This is just like the Tyson Chandler, Kwame Brown situation from 2001. Tyson Chandler was the consensus #1 pick and then the Wizards hosted a 1 on 1 between him and Kwame Brown. Kwame destroyed him with his physical characteristics and 1 on 1 skills, leading Washington to select Kwame, and not Tyson, with the first overall pick. We all know how that story ends.

While Anthony and Andre are both monster prospects with a ton of potential, and I'm not saying Drummond will be Kwame Brown, New Orleans DEFINITELY should not host a workout with these two. Not that they are considering anyone besides Davis, but they definitely shouldn't even give anyone else a shot.

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Still I like to see the

Still I like to see the competitiveness of Drummond, even more so because a lot of people question his heart.

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I don't think it's that big of a deal that he said this, because it probably won't happen. Anthony Davis is a lock for the #1 pick. Everybody knows it, even Drummond. As interesting as it would be to see these shot-blockers face eachother in a 1 on 1, I just don't see it happening.

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does show

good mention that it shows sum heart on drummonds behalf

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Shows heart?? What are the

Shows heart?? What are the odds of it actually happening?? Pretty slim.. Even if it does happen, I would expect Drummond to dominate him 1on1 because of the physical difference in their bodies. Davis simply coudnt keep him off the block and probably wouldnt be able to power over him block a shot.. Then, flip it to offense for Davis and Drummond would simply push him out of the lane and force him to shoot from deep or go past him.

We all know that Davis isnt explosive. He blocks shots with his legnth. Also, he isnt super fast. He is just crazy long.

With all of that being said, if you put the 2 on seperate 5 man teams, then have the go against each other, Davis would win that battle. He is better in a team setting than Drummond. He is a fantastic weak side shot blocker and moves well without the ball to create offense for himself and teammates. He has nice range on his jumper and really moves the ball well. They only thing Drummond does very well in a team setting is block shots. He doesnt have much offense and isnt exactly a great rebounder.

IMO both guys are going to be very good basketball players but they are totaly differnt. 1on1, Drummond would win the battle. In a team setting, it is Davis by a mile..

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no way would drummond ever

no way would drummond ever beat anthony davis in a 1 on 1. sorry, i couldnt see it happening. lets say they play a game to 11, i really believe david would win 11-5. drummond seriously has no 1 on 1 offensive moves. yeah hes more athletic but what will that ability do against anthony davis?

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Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis's hands aren't that big. His wing span and standing reach is very impressive but his body fat percentage isn't that great (about average for the forwards and bigs) especially since he doesn't weigh that much. Also, he is 6'10 1/2 in shoes which is very good for a power forward but only average or below average for a center.

John Henson has similar measurements with an even longer wingspan but is not considered a top 5 pick.

I like Anthony Davis but his odds of being the next Bill Russell are about the same as his chances of being the next Pervis Ellison. Probably an all-star, but might not turn into a first ballot Hall of Famer.

I still think that Anthony Davis's best comparison (baseline) would be a cross between Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace. Ben's shot blocking, rebounding, defense, and understated leadership with Rasheed's height, length, wing span, athleticism, speed, versatility, dunking, offensive range, basketball IQ, and the ability to play AND guard all three front court positions. That's a very good player and probably the best baseline comparison I can think of.

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i read the article earlier

i read the article earlier and im wondering if Drummond would take group work-outs that would pit him against Tyler Zeller and Mayers Leonard. both are regarded as substantially below in the current prospect ratings as Drummond although they are the next Center prospects available. given the scenario wherein Drummond risks more of dropping his stock compared to Zeller and Meyers' to raise there, would Andre's camp take the work-out session?

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This doesn't show

This doesn't show heart...

Showing heart would be playing with passion and dominating games like Anthony Davis did all season, leading his team to a title.

Davis is a lock. Of course these other big men would love to work out against him and try to prove something.

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it has nothing to do with

it has nothing to do with heart if you know it aint happening. I want to play Anthony Davis on 1 on 1. Is it going to happen? no. It means nothing

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