Wants!!!!....but mostly NEEDS!

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Wants!!!!....but mostly NEEDS!

I must admit that these are great times in the NBA! All the star power and great games coming from them. As I watch each individual team, I dissect them and see if they have been tailor-made to defeat the head honcho of the NBA (whcih would be the Lakers). Word to the wise to all NBA GMs, in order to become a CHAMPION, you must construct your team to counter the #1 team. Prime example, the Cavs! They brought in a couple of pieces, but not enough to match the Celtics, Magic, or Lakers! As you should be able to spot from last year, the Cavs needed some versatility on the wing, instead they bring in Jamison who is a defensive liability. Next they get Shaq to tame Dwight Howard, but the move is useless because they didn't make it to the Magic. Once they met the Celtics, Rondo exposed yet another need...a strong defensive presence! The Cabs are desperate for another decent defender because Anthony Parker can't do it. Cleveland also needs a structured offense and at least another scorer who can create their own offense because they lack it right now. See all the teams remaining have this, so not only Cleveland (I just included them because they played tonite), but also other teams like Atlanta!

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