want to get rid of dalembert?

im a kings fan and boy do i have a trade for you. i wont lie and say it really helps you because it doesnt, but at least you wouldnt have dalembert anymore trade us the 16th pick and for our 23rd pick and the following. you recieve kenny thomas andres nocioni and beno udrih and we get dalembert reggie evans and lou williams lou williams and beno about the same quality just diffrent types of players thomas and evans are about the same evans is a better rebounder but thomas is a better overall player and who knows nocioni might fit into what your trying to do better then what were trying or at least be more marketable. any takers?

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how bout this philly fans?

you give up E-b to memphis for the 27th pick, hakim warrick and a throw in guy. brand was never comfortable there before or after the injury and you need to run. warrick would allow you to do this along with iggy, thad and lou. you could draft another big body for up front with that last 1st rounder. and memphis would benefit because they would get a solid low post guy which they need and they underuse warrick anyways, thoughts?

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No, Udrih and Lou will arent

No, Udrih and Lou will arent valued the same, sir. That would be horrible to give up Lou for Udrih. Dalembert for Nocioni isnt bad, but we would have to target a quality big man in the draft/free agency. Also, dont give up Elton Brand. Be patient

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Brand needs to be given a fair chance, but I will give Sammy up for just about anything. He is a cancer to this team and we will NEVER contend for a championship with that dimehead at center.

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