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It kinda is WRONG writing Gilbert Arenas off the way that everyone automaticallty wants HIM to take the backseat to John Wall. Don't get me wrong at all, John Wall is an OUTSTANDING prospect and BASKETBALL PLAYER!! By all means, does he has to be handed the keys to the franchise at such an early age? As much as everyone wants to say that WALL is gonna be the man and that whatever team he ends with is gonna be his, lets HYPOTHETICALLY say that Arenas remains the man and #1 option, all while WALL gets to do his thing. For a second, imagine WALL setting GIL up for alot of shots and penetrating hitting ARENAS and others for easy points. IT ALL MAKES sense when you ask yourself this quick question: AT THE GAME'S END, WHO DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THE LAST SHOT...ARENAS OR WALL? You have to use your common sense and know that until WALL emerges as the player he's definitely gonna BE and hit the ceiling, ARENAS is still the man and will remain IF HE IS KEPT BY THE WIZARDS.

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can it work?

i keep asking myself can that work. can wall and arenas work together and can gil move to the 2. i mean its no doubt hes a tremendous scorer. and he can score with the best of them. i see it kinda working like a dwyane wade is in miami becuz dwyane is about gils height and watnot.

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Gil is a 2

Wall and Gilberty City could work...

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