Wade or Lebron

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Wade or Lebron

Lebron has always been deemed the better of the two, but over this Miami-Boston series Wade has just impressed the hell out of me. It seems that he makes just about every impossibly off-balanced shot possible. Lebron I find can barely ever finish these off balance shots. He is better at getting himself an open look, and finishing around the rim but Dwade has just made so many jaw-dropping shots that I am starting to believe that he may be the better of the two.

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You Heat bandwagon people!

You Heat bandwagon people! Make up your mind! One day you say Lebron is the best and Dwade sucks, and say the opposite the next day. And if CP3 joins Melo and Amare, you will jump on their bandwagon. People these days!

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1) Lebron 2) Wade

I still don't think there is a debate here.

What did Lebron do with a pieced together team by himself? What did Wade do with the Heat once Shaq left?

Don't get me wrong... Wade is a phenomonal player but if you ask me who is better it is no doubt Lebron James.

I guess it comes down to if you had to start a team to build around and you had to choose between Lebron or Wade... then i think the decision would be easy.

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