Wade coming off the bench

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Wade coming off the bench

I think this cold become a reality this year as Wade is basically Ginolbi at this point in his career. The Heat are unravelling and Wade needs to take the first step towards ensuring Lebron comes back. With the salary cap The way that it is, every contract needs to have value to have championship aspirations. Why should aging veterans take the minimum (Anderson, Allen, R Lewis, Beasley, Oden, VinceCarter, Caron Butler, Shawn Marion, James Jones,Chalmers after poor finals Boozer when he gets amnestied) when D Wade is getting paid for past performance. Lebron is driven by his legacy and he knows D Wade has given it his all and unfortunately has little left in the tank after four finals to be a 36 mpg starter. James is better off with 4 shooters ( Pg- Napier or Chalmers, SG- Stephenson, SF- James, PF- R Lewis, C- Bosh) Bringing Wade off the bench would give strong second unit and Wade could be relied on for this role.

If they want Lebron back, they need to show a future plan and need value in their contracts like all the young talent the Cavs and Suns have and only 29 million spent. To compete with the Spurs- Wade needs to accept Ginolbi money and role, Bosh a little closer to Duncan money and bring in some young talent. They have the best player in the world who even at 22 million MAX is a bargain because it gives them chance to get veteran title chasers for 500k against the cap. Lebron plus 6 veteran minimum (Allen,Anderson,R Lewis, Beasley,Boozer,Carter) is still only 25 million against the cap and would be a playoff team on their own. Using the rest of the cap to become a championship line up is Riley's job.

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I wouldn't consider

I wouldn't consider Stephenson a shooter though ;)

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I don't think Wade coming off

I don't think Wade coming off the bench would work.

If wade was fully healthy and able to be a 1st option yes, but I honestly think he would really really struggle anchoring that 2nd unit and having to be a 1st option. He missed 1/3 of the season this year, although he did put up some nice stats and efficiency, he is not a 1st option anymore.

What in the hell is the Heat going to do with that 2nd unit when wade is out for another 30 games?

Come on, does anyone watching Wade in the finals this year think he could be a first option and lead the 2nd unit? He is better starting playing with Bosh and LBJ to put up efficient number and ease the strain on his already deteriorating body.

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nick5354 is right

Homers giving negatives. Wade is not a 1st option. His knees are shot. They are done and Lebron knows it too.

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Please everyone posting about

Please everyone posting about the Heat... They aren't going to have money to spend if they resign the big 3.

Stephenson just turned down 8 figures a year from Indiana... He isn't going to Miami to play for 4-5 a year. Wade is obviously in decline, and should be a bench player. But if the Heat pay him, they simply don't have the resources to sign a superior player to take his spot.

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Everyone is entitled to their

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but.. I want someone to send me a link to a thread prior to the finals where people thought that Wade was finished.

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