VOTE for the TOP 3 Future NBA Player's per Position currently in High School!!!

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VOTE for the TOP 3 Future NBA Player's per Position currently in High School!!!

NBA has some very knowledgeable basketball I thought it would be interesting to put together a poll of some of the BEST players in high school and see what the consensus was amongst everyone as to whom will be the best future NBA player at their position.

I picked 15 players for each position and only used sophomores, juniors and seniors. I combined all recruiting sites rankings(espn, rivals, scout, etc, etc) plus my create the pool of prospects.

There is ONE video for each player and at the end of all the video's you can vote for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best FUTURE NBA player at each position.

There will be some player's that I am sure people won't agree with as well as some player's that probably should have been included. Feel free to mention any names if you'd like. Obviously most of these player's will probably never play in the NBA...but you should be able to find 3 player's at each position that could possibly have a decent NBA career.

I am interested to see who everyone chooses (if anyone even votes that Really want to see the battle between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. Who is #1...??? Who is #2???....You decide!!! Maybe people can post their votes on all the positions. That would be tight!!! Also interested to see what position people think has the DEEPEST talent. I think I am leaning towards the Power Forwards right now.

If you click on the first link (point guards)....I included 2 paragraphs that will cover some other details that I have neglected to mention. You can view the results of the polls by clicking VIEW RESULTS located at the bottom of the poll...Let the PROGNOSTICATION begin!!!

TOP 3 Future NBA Point Guards!!!

TOP 3 Future NBA Shooting Guards!!!

TOP 3 Future NBA Small Forwards!!!

TOP 3 Future NBA Power Forwards!!!

TOP 3 Future NBA Centers!!!

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PG: 1. Kasey Hill 2. Emmanuel

PG: 1. Kasey Hill 2. Emmanuel Mudiay 3. Andrew Harrison(Although I don't believe any of them will be a top 3 in the league with Rose, Wall, and Westbrook still being so young)

SG: 1. Shabazz Muhammad 2. Ricardo Ledo 3. Chris Thomas (both Shabazz and Ledo can be top 3 in the league when they come in)

SF: 1. Jabari Parker 2. Andrew Wiggins 3. Aaron Gordon ( I know you have Gordon on the PF list but I believe he will play SF and be great at it, Parker and Wiggins both have Star potential)

PF: 1. Chris Walker 2. Julius Randle 3. Mitch Mcgary( I know that Randle is considered by many to be the better prospect I just feel like Walker can develop into something special)

C: 1. Steven Adams 2. Nerlens Noel 3. Willie Cauley( Adams and Noel can both become Franchise Centers something thats pretty rare these days)

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i was at the new england prep

i was at the new england prep tourney this past weekend and let me tell you mitch mcgary SUCKED! he shoots fade aways, and has no post moves. the only thing i liked was that for a big guy hes very mobile. otherwise thats it.

and nerlens noel... that boy is nice! i was standing 2 inches away from him, hes tall, but i dont think hes 6'10, id say about 6'8 maybe 6'9. but it doesnt matter cause hes athletic and he times everything perfectly.

and i didnt look at the site, but lemme throw another name out there. wayne selden. kid can ball too, and i think his future is bright too.

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Top 3

As we know the NBA loves to take athletic people over skilled people which is a shame and makes not to much sense. But judgeingg on both in the high school game I would say these are my top picks to end up in the Nba

Pg: Kasey hill 2013,Kris Dunn 2012,Jared Terrell 2014

Sg:Shabazz Muhammad 2012,Ricky ledo 2012, Wayne Selden 2014

SF:Jabari Parker 2013,Theo Pinson 2014,Andrew Wiggin 2014

Pf: Juluis Randle 2013,Chris Walker 2013, Chris mccullough 2014 (may end up a big small forward)

C: Steven Adams 2012,Dujuan Coleman 2012(need to keep working on body) Nerlens Noel 2013

These are some players with Nba potential

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Top 3

PG - 1. A. Harrison - Has size and athleticism combination that most of the other names do not have. 2.E. Mudiay - Younger than some of the other guys but good size. Will continue to rise up rankings as he matures. 3. T. Jones - I've heard "a smaller version of CP3". He runs a team and simply drops dimes.

SG - The deepest position out of the options listed. 1. S. Muhammed - I like Smart better, but NBA teams will value Muhammed's size, length and athleticism more than Smarts strength and production. 2. W. Selden - This guy is a beast right now. Never mind that he is a 2014 kid. I mean 6'6 225 as a sophmore? Come on son! 3. T. Pinson - I saw him play at Adidas Nations over the summer and this kid can stroke it. Good size and athletic ability and is only a sophmore like Selden.

SF -1. J. Parker - What needs to be said about this guy that hasn't been said already? 2. A. Wiggins - Everybody loves this kid. 3. Noah Vonleh - I can't believe that no one else has him in their list. Did any of you see what happened at the National Prep Showcase? Vonleh had a 13 pt 19 reb game. While the rebounding is absurd, he is only a sophmore and he has time to add more seasoning to his game and bulk to his 6'7 frame.

PF - I don't really care for many of the guys on the PF list. I never have been a fan of wafer this post players, especially as it translates to the men they will be going against in the paint at the NBA level. This is why McGary gets so much love... well that and his mobility. So yeah, 1. McGary 2. J. Randle, although I think he will move away from the post and play the 3 by then. 3. A. Jefferson - This guys finishes everything. Love this guy.

C - 1.N. Noel - Freak on D. Offense will com. 2. S. Adams - Wanted to see him go up against Drummond at Nations. Would have been a great test for him. 3. J. Okafor - Huge upside. He is enormous at 260 and only a sophmore. Being 6'8 may hurt him here, but it has worked out well for Sully at OSU.

2014 is going to be a special class.

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appreciate the participation!!!

Thanx for voting can VOTE once a months down the line, you feel the need to vote that would happen!!!

NY BALLA...glad you brought up Jared Terrel name...nice player....combo guard right now, not a true point...just re-classified from class of 2013 to 2014.

VELVET HOOP....I was debating about the SG being the deepest...but...I still got to ride with the power forwards right now for overall depth....I agree about people sleeping on Vonleh, even tho he does have the most 3rd place votes for the small forwards...he def will contend with Wiggins for #1 player in class of 2014 this year. Also...Jahlil Okafor is everyday 6 foot 10 inches...def not 6'8''..... kid might be a SERIOUS problem in the future.

I will throw out my sleeeeeeper....CLIFF ALEXANDER (also form Chicago, like Okafor) class of 2014......not getting any love...but...def will be a big time player....more than held his own against Drummond at the Adidas Nations this summer.

It's interesting to see the overall statistics of the voting...for the most part it basically has played out like I suspected...the only semi-shocker is people have Emanuel Muddiay at the #1 spot for point guards. I can't really argue with that, just didn't know he was so popular. I knew Aquile Carr was popular...but....def shouldn't have as many first place votes as he does.

Here is the general consensus so far:

POINT GUARDS: (1) E. Mudiay..... (2) A. Harrison.... (3) K. Anderson

SHOOTING GUARDS: (1) S. Muhammad... (2) A. Goodwin.... (3) TIE: Too many 2 list

SMALL FORWARDS: (1) J. Parker....(2) A. Wiggins.... (3) Toss up: N. Vonleh & A. Poythress

POWER FORWARDS: (1) J. Randle...(2) A. Bennett..... (3) M. McGary

CENTERS: (1) N. Noel...(2) S. Adams ......(3) Toss up: J. Okafor...I. Austin...D. Johnson

Pretty solid overall list....I am sure some of these player's might not pan out in the NBA....but.....there has got to be more than a couple potential NBA stars I would think. Anyways....appreciate the participation.

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