Volume shooters (what ?)

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Volume shooters (what ?)

I keep hearing basketball analyst refer to the term Volume Shooter. From reviewing the stats of some of the so called volume shooters, they seem to all have poor shooting %s. How is it that these guys are evaluated by analyst and rated as good players? I see them simply as ball hogs and can not understand how some coaches allow bad shooters to keep shooting. Someone please explain the value of such players.

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I'm not a fan of volume shooters either, but they do have the ability to make a big impact in a very short time.

If you can use one in the right way (off the bench preferably), then he can really put up points in a hurry. Think J.R. Smith, Ben Gordon, Tracy McGrady, Nick Young, etc...

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Kobe, Melo and Iverson are

Kobe, Melo and Iverson are all considered volume shooters as well. We all know the impact they have had on their franchises.

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Im not sure

at what shooting % you become a volume shooter rather than a scorer. I think winning plays a huge part in it. Kobe is considered to be a shooting w/ a killer instinct because he wins while T-Mac is considered a volume shooter. The way the media uses the term now almost always has a negative conotation.

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