V.J. KING...8th grader with SERIOUS game!!!

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V.J. KING...8th grader with SERIOUS game!!!

About 4 months ago I posted a feature about 10 baller's in the eight grade.

In it I mentioned 6-foot 5-inch V.J. KING.

He is actually playing varsity HS basketball in North Carolina & is coached by Muggsey Bouges. To say he's been playing well is an understatemnt. He's had numerous double digit scoring performances & last night agaist a solid team in St.Marks he went for 15 pts, 5rebs, 5 an 8th grader!!!

People often wonder why young baller's get so much exposure...fair or not...when you are a 6-foot 5-inch eight grader...and play like's hard to ignore.

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great player but he should use his left more in games still though that can be fixed and i wish him all the best..

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A horse walked into a bar.

A horse walked into a bar. Several people got up and left as they spotted the potential danger in the situation.

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^^^ I don't get it...^^^

^^^ I don't get it...^^^

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His motor is very reminiscent

His motor is very reminiscent of Quincy Miller

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whenever a horse shows up anywhere in a joke something crazy happens... its a joke about jokes in general

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