Vitor Faverani is a player too watch

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Vitor Faverani is a player too watch

This kid looked good in footage I saw of him on line. Its transferring over very well to the L. Rebounding post game 3 pointers. Kid blocks a lot b of shots. IQ is very high. Celtics got a special player there.

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Yeah he definitely played

Yeah he definitely played well tonight. 6 blocks, 18 rebounds.

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The Celtics are missing Rondo

The Celtics are missing Rondo more than I'm missing my dad's open checkbook

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I'm not crazy about him

I'm not crazy about him jacking up 3's but he's an advance PnR player. He's got a very good hands, knows how to present a target and has finishes with either hand. Looks like a Gortat-like player. Defensively he knows how to rotate and contest shots without jumping and removing himself from the play.

With the price for even average (even some below average) starting C's being around 8 digits, I could see more NBA teams looking for more established C's in Europe.

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