Vinny Del Negro new head coach of the Clippers

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Vinny Del Negro new head coach of the Clippers

So i haven't seen any thread for this and this is old news because it happened yesterday, however today was the news conference. From what I saw and heard, he sounded kind of impressive. I mean I was against the hiring when I heard about, but it might now be as bad as I thought. PTI today said that it was a great hiring by the clippers although PTI always rips the clippers. That includes Wilbon who is a chicago guy so he knows a lot about Del Negro. I mean it does look good that he lead young talented Bulls teams in both seasons to the playoffs because the clippers are a young talented team as well...What do you think?

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Del Negro

is an expert on selling himself for a job! Is he the right guy for the job???IDK The Bulls were never a running team and The Clips GM was saying at the start of the summer how he they were looking to run more next year

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Del Negro is a great guy who

Del Negro is a great guy who his loved by the 'former player' union. Guys like Barkley, Reggie Miller, TV anylists, have nothing but good things to say about him.

I think he needs more experience in coaching, especially in crunch time. Down the road, I think he will end up a very good coach because he knows the game and is a stand up guy who can handle a lot of pressure!

You could do a lot worse than Vinny.

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Yeah I like Del Negro as the

Yeah I like Del Negro as the coach, I think he did a great job in 2010 not sliding backwards after losing Gordon, Salmons and Thomas. With the amount of young talent at the Clippers at the moment, I can see them coming 9th in the West maybe... West is going to be so tight next year if Grizzlies improve and with Yao back in Houston. I can see the Spurs dropping out of the playoffs and maybe the Jazz now that Boozer is gone. Still, too hard to call with the NBA getting shaken up via free agency.

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I really hope del negro can

I really hope del negro can do a great job in LA, he seems like a pretty good coach, though the bulls did give up a 35 point lead last yr lol, but in all seriousness, maybe the clipps r the suprise team in 2011

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Del Negro

Hah! Good luck Clippers, apparently you did not watch the Bulls last year. Do you remember why Paxson took a swing at him? Because he was playing Jokiem Noah way too many minutes (not because Noah's a bad player, but because he was comming of of an injury). Del Negro risk the future career of a bring young center who plays his heart out just so he could push the Bulls to %500 and make himself look good. Hope Clip fans are happy now that he is the coach for Blake Griffin. The question is... will your GM take a swing at Del Negro if he puts Griffins career in danger?

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