Video: D.Rose issues warning to John Wall!

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Video: D.Rose issues warning to John Wall!

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Pretty easy blowing by

Pretty easy blowing by someone who's getting picked....whoever named the video is retarded. I live in Chicago, watched the game, and by no means did Rose dominate Wall. It was a pretty even matchup.

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Random, but whos #3, is that

Random, but whos #3, is that Omar Asik? How did he do for anyone that watched the game..

Also, I didnt watch the game, but I dont think this proves he got 'dominated' it just shows that Chicago is a really good PnR team...if anything

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I didn't watch the full game,

I didn't watch the full game, but I watched some of it, and like Uncle Buckshot said, it was a pretty even matchup. Rose got past Wall a few times and most of them were on the P&R, and Wall got past Rose a few times too.

@MagikKnick Yes, that is Omer Asik. I didn't really watch him play but I was on a Wizards website and the users were talking about the game and they said that Asik was snagging every rebound. He had 6 offensive rebounds, but I'm not sure if it was because he's a good rebounder or it's just the Wizards lack of rebounding, because the izards are not a good rebounding team.

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And even if he dominated him.

And even if he dominated him. He got 2 years of NBA experience over Wall. It's no wonder he plays better right now. Lets see in 3-5 years. Stupid video.

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Omer Asik
Omer Asik is still getting used to an NBA style of play because playing in Europe is obviously very different in the NBA but his rebounding skill is good but his offense is well too raw... He reminds me of Chris Dudley... LOL
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