Video on Amare Stoudemire as assistant coach of Canadian Maccabi team

The guys at On Point Basketball give a behind the scenes look at Amare's work this summer as assistant coach for Canada's Maccabi team. Pretty interesting that he is doing this, huge name as far as this platform is concerened. Must be a cool experience, bet he is heading to Israel (again) quite soon. Not sure what this means for Knicks fans, still an interesting video.

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I don't like coaches that

I don't like coaches that don't emphasize defense. Amare might have been at least a good defender when he was young and healthy. Becauae of his athleticism and good length. However, he doesn't have any interest in increasing his D effrort or IQ that should come with age. If I was one of the guys he was coaching, I'll listen to him because he is a vet, but I know he kinda got by with his genes gifts for kinda the most part.

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