Victor Oladipo comparison

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Victor Oladipo comparison

A lot of people are liking the Tony Allen comparison. Oladipo has a lot more offensive potential than Allen.. I see a lot of Latrell Sprewell in him.
I feel Oladipo is going to be a much better NBA player then he was a college player. His defense overshadows the rest of his game, he's an excellent slasher and becoming alot better shooter and creating off the dribble. Spree wasn't a finished product coming into the league but was given tons of minutes from the beginning to develop into the player he was. (Led the league his second year and 40ish the next five seasons) both had similar builds and athletcism, Both players go HAM on both ends, attack the basket with purpose, and are good shooters.. Granted Spree was better with the rock but I do believe given freedom to learn like spree did this will come. Oladipo will probably be closer to the defensive side of the fence and used differently than Spree but that what I see in him.

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he isnt anywhere near the

he isnt anywhere near the scorer sprewell was,but i do think he will be alot better than tony allen.i think he is definitely underrated offensively,but i see him more as an aaron affalo type of guy.

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I actually like the Afflalo comparison, though Oladipo is quite a bit more athletic and he has the ability to become the type of shooter Afflalo has become.

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One player comes to mind for me.

Shawn Marion. Not as tall, but the slashing athletic slam dunks. Also his elite defensive prowess. He has better shooting mechanics than Marion, so I see greater things from Oladipo. This league protects guards, so he is going to be a holy terror with his attacking style.

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Unfortunately for the defense, he will be able to make his free throws so he could make a living at the charity stripe.

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Absolute best case: Dwyane

Absolute best case:
Dwyane Wade

Worst case:
Demarcus Nelson

Likely case:
Tony Allen

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Tony Allen when he was with

Tony Allen when he was with Boston

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Gerald henderson this year with a better handle. Good athlete, good defense, good teammate, average shooter. Henderson has hit his peak though so for victor that's a GREAT benchmark

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