Victor Oladipo

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Victor Oladipo

Does anyone else find it weird that Orlando is limiting Oladipo's minutes. It is like they are sabotaging the teams youth plan and taking him out of the Rookie of the Year race. I think MCW for the sixers has been great but I also think that Oladipo can be another Russel Westbrook and his skills were clearly underated coming out of college. Why don't they just let him start have Affalo of the bench or get rid of Jameer Nelson. Hopefully there management starts getting this guy more than 22 mins a game because this guy is dynamic. As much as people shoot down the DWade comparisons he is playing much like a rookie version of DWade or Russel Westbrook and he is doing it at a more effecient pace than expected.

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Afflalo's been very good for

Afflalo's been very good for now, Oladipo's doing well for a rookie, but he's also turning the ball over almost five times per game, and at the moment he's not able to run the team, so I don't see any reason, right now, to start him over Afflalo or Nelson. By the way, Oladipo is playing 27 mpg, not 22.

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Because he is a rookie and

Because he is a rookie and Jameer and Afflalo are respectful guards. I think his mpg are fine, and if he starts outplaying Jameer or Afflalo then he could snatch a starting position.

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No. Not at all. It's 5 games

No. Not at all. It's 5 games and the guy is averaging 27 mpg, good for 4th on the team. Sure Affalo is starting, but it's not like Victor is getting scrap minutes. He's freaking 4th on the team in MPG!

He's doing just fine, and sabotaging the team's youth plan? What does that mean? 3rd year center Vucivic is a fixture on the court and dropped a 30/20 game last night and of the 8 players for Orlando getting over 20 mpg...freaking 5 of them are under 24! Hell, Affalo is only 28.

Playing with veterans is good for young players. Maybe Affalo will be on a contender before the deadline, but this statement as a whole isn't consistant with facts. IMO.

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I understand where you're

I understand where you're coming from, some rookies need as much pt to improve, but with Oladipo's reported work ethic, he'll improve either way. Also remember, Orlando will want to showcase Affalo and Nelson for potential trades in the near future.

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