Victor Claver

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Victor Claver

I havent paid much attention to him until now but from what I've seen, he's very impressive. He's listed at 6'9" here but other sites have him at 6'11". His skills at that size are remarkable. He is probably the best dribbler 6'10" or up that I've ever seen besides Odom. The guy moves and plays like a 2 and he can shoot. He has a reputation for being tough and his athleticism is surprising. He looks very fluid and quick and has shot-blocking potential due to his length and athleticism. Granted, all my thoughts about him come from youtube clips and write-ups but you can consider me on the Claver bandwagon. I'm going to flood the Knicks with letters to draft him even if only to store him in Spain.

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He just extended his

He just extended his contract with his spanish team for 3 years

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He's not coming over but he

He's not coming over but he does have a reasonable buyout after each year.

As far as this draft, he was once considered a lottery pick before his leg injury. So, he's legit as far as an NBA player goes.

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i have him

in my mock going towards the top of the 2nd round but he has first round ability hes one of the few surprises in this draft.

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