Vesely, Vesely, Vesely

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Vesely, Vesely, Vesely

So he played his final game 2 days ago and Alot of GMs/scouts (raps,utah,cavs ect) wore watching in the packed Gym.

i think his stock might rise to (maybe even to Utah) as he had 18 points and played really well in a very important game

he seems to be very popular as well (this is crazy VVV)

the dude has potential + he has somewhat proved his ablities in a league thats better then NCAA and he is really competitive which is amazing combination

i am really high on this guy and hope the raptors take him at 5th if Knight isnt there

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Those fans are terrific.

Those fans are terrific. Absolutely no bitterness that Vesley is leaving their team, they're all chanting his name. That's great to see.

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wow,Just wow these team are

wow,Just wow
these team are lucky with such fans

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Agreed with khaled and

Agreed with khaled and Anton.

They are some phenomenal fans.

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