VERY off topic question

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VERY off topic question

So, I have really bad vision and I have been searching for ways to improve my vision. No luck.

I have strongly considered laser eye surgery(LASIK) but I don't think I have the guts to do that.

Any suggestions?

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wear contacts like i do, its

wear contacts like i do, its like ur not wearing anything and its not that hard to put in

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All I know is that everytime

All I know is that everytime you buy a contact lense, a baby in China gets 250 Marriott Reward Points!

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I think if you bang a vampire

I think if you bang a vampire your senses get better or something. Thats what my grandpa's friend told me after about 4 cups of mead, anyways.

But seriously, my friend got LASIK and had no side effects and loves it.

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get a visor

wear a helmet and wear a visor a dark on

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Smoke some schwag

It actually does help temporarily

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Eat carrots A lot and...

what r ya symptoms if it's blurred try staying off anything with projecting lights ie computer, tv, electronics with a monitor I got hit by a pellet right on the rings not the iris but the colored part and I had blurry vision for a while eat lots of carrots and get these medical drops... If it's like you're near sighted or far sighted and loosing vision then get glasses or contacts like mentioned above ie I'm not a doctor or anything just telling ya what got my vision back

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aim for the one in the middle

aim for the one in the middle

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Wear contacts. I wear

Wear contacts. I wear contacts, and, aside from the rare eye-poke/face-rake, they never give me any problems when I play ball.

As far as Lasik surgery goes, I'd wait until you're 21. At least that's what my doctor, who's performed countless Lasik surgeries over the years, told me to do.

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My sister got LASIK surgery

My sister got LASIK surgery at the age of about 19 or 20 and it works perfectly for her.

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LASIK is scary for me though.

LASIK is scary for me though. My eyes are irreplaceable.

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Not all people are eligible for LASIK

First see if you are

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Don't get LASIK. This is what

Don't get LASIK. This is what happened to me:

My vision in the day is better than ever, but I can't drive at night. I have to put in special eyedrops to be able to every time. And they say it's actually a pretty common problem that glasses may or may not be able to fix.

If I could go back again, I wouldn't do it. And I wouldn't suggest it to anyone else because I think the risk for this kind of thing is too high.

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Hot climate.

I don't know where you live, but in a hot climate your vision will improve. It doesn't do miracles but you will notice your vision will get better. I'm afraid in your case you will probably need more than that, smart thing to ask around cause it's an important decision.

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