Very Interesting article about how the NBA has blackballed Iverson...MUST READ

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Very Interesting article about how the NBA has blackballed Iverson...MUST READ

very interesting article....what do you guys think?

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very interesting stuff..

very interesting stuff.. you've gotta wonder how many guys the nba makes an effort to drive out of the league. Abdul rauf comes to mind, as does ira newble (although he wasn't great)..

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It does make a lot of sense.

It does make a lot of sense. I have been telling people for years that the media controls a lot of people thoughts. I saw how it happened with the Lebron thing. When the media supported Lebron, he was seen as the best player and the Cavs did not do anything in the playoffs. He goes to Miami and now he is a scrub and all kind of selfish things.

Who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to play in Miami with your best friends who are also very good basketball players. Just in life general if you could work with your friends and be in a nice environment and make good money, most people would do that.

I am confused about the chemistry thing because friends tend to have chemistry even if they never played together.

I have done this with some friends. If you know how a person thinks or personality is you have a good idea of how they play in certain sports.

It is hard to explain.

Same thing happens with me and my brother. I have a good feel for his game and yet, I rarely have played with him on teams but when we do play it is like i know what he is going to do.

The media does the same thing with celebrities.
Some can get away with things and others can't.
AI was put in a bad situation because he of his background, his looks, and just that he does not buy into the fake stuff on the NBA.

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Bleacherreport. No

Bleacherreport. No credibility.

Why would Stern want to keep Iverson ( a cash cow for the NBA for 10 seasons) out the NBA? Doesn't make any sense. I saw and heard things recently about Allen.

Heard- Iverson is suffering from depression and really needs help.

Saw- When he played last season, he was not that good. He can score but he's a defensive mismatch at this point, he lost a step and at best is a bench player ( which is tough to imagine.)

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I can definitely believe that

I can definitely believe that the NBA would do this kind of stuff to Iverson, but I'm gonna need to hear from somebody accredited, not from some fanboy's rant

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He quit on two teams last

He quit on two teams last year, and I don't recall any player ever doing that before.
Talent-wise he could still probably compete for Sixth Man of the Year, but nobody wants to add a potential situation like him to their locker room.
He's one of the most incredible players I've seen in the last couple decades of ball...
But he did do this to himself. And it's sad.

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I do believe the media has

I do believe the media has their darlings as well as their villians.but with that being said.....him not wanting to come off the bench,and his declining skills have nothing to do with it????

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I dont doubt that the NBA

I dont doubt that the NBA would like to see AI hang it up, he's been a rebel in the league and at this point, the nba isn't seen as a fun, youthful league anymore, there's too much turmoil and Stern's been trying to sell a nice image, because its all about the Money, and a better image means more TV time, more TV equals mo' money. Plain and Simple. however, i dont think AI shouldn't be given a chance. He's just as good as JR smith to a team. I'd think someone would take him, its not like he's just going to ruin a club, hes still a good 6th man atleast.

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you reap what you sow

Teams were willing to deal with his attitude when he was producing. Now the scale between benefit and trouble has switch to the other side. If he had showed once that he was willing to be a role player and put he ego aside then he would have had a contract by now. Plus his off the court decisions have made people lean away from him. Not sure how many teams want to take on a role player that takes as many shots as AI and outside of his ability to read passing lanes, his defense is lacking. His playing style is suited for an all star, not a role player.

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I don't know about this. A.I

I don't know about this. A.I is still extremely popular amongst fans. Last seasons was undoubtedly the worst season of his career, yet he was still voted to the All-Star game -- as a starter.

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As a guy that went to many

As a guy that went to many 76ers game last season Iverson was no longer the offensive force he once was. He's an undersized 2 and it's tough to play him at the point. And his defense was fairly poor. Now if he's willing to come off the bench and play about 20 mins he'd still be in the league but that wasn't the case with Iverson last season and from what I've been hearing it's the same this year. It's a shame to see him like this he's one of my all time favorite players.

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just wanna comment on the lebron and media bs...

No way does the media tell u what was ethically correct or not... What Lebron did was not ethically the right move to people who believes in repaying others that have helped or did what they can for you... He just didnt care and we the fans believes what he did was wrong the media just happened to believe so too... Even if he becomes a champ and the media boats about it we the fans will see him as a scrub... If the media dictated everything we wouldn't have our own opinion on who is good or not... But if the media means that much for u go live life by reading the guidelines and you should be ok

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When are people going to stop

When are people going to stop making excuses for this guy?

He had a great opportunity in Memphis, but let his ego destroy a great chance to re invent himself there. I don't feel sorry for him, HE ruined his career because of his ego and substance abuse. Why is it so unfathomable that no one wants to sign him because there is a chance he may disrupt team chemsitry!?!? Why is it that David Stern is keeping him out of the league because he wore baggy shorts? PLEASE! Allen Iverson has no one to blame but himself. Rashad McCants could play in the league too, but its all on him why he isn't, no one's making excuses for him, Iverson is a HOF player, but he did this to himself. I don't feel sorry for him, nor do I blame Stern.

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YEAH they also said that the

YEAH they also said that the refs was not on AI side either . Its bad in the NBA they also said refs were told to give Kobe calls during all of his games

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craig hodges=blackballed

craig hodges=blackballed

theres a difference. iverson is his own worst enemy HE'S the reason that he hasnt signed a contract yet

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