VC, T-Mac and Oakley talk about the Toronto Raptors

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VC, T-Mac and Oakley talk about the Toronto Raptors

Here is a clip of VC, T-Mac and Charles Oakley on TSN discussing about their time in Toronto.

It's really interesting about all these players have to say. I think the Raptors could have been championship winners and even Kobe said the Raptors at that time were the team to beat.

What do you guys think? What would have been if T-Mac and VC stayed?

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VC would have remained lazy

VC would have remained lazy and have no passion while T-Mac would have gotten upset eventually at getting all the blame for he and VC always falling short. IMO, would have never worked. Years of being in VC's shadow would have gotten old as it obviously did a little bit.

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Kobe was too generous with

Kobe was too generous with that statement.

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This Conversation would have

This Conversation would have taken place in the 2003 conference Finals, Game7, Raptors down by 1, Raptors ball 3 seconds left.

TMac- My shot.

VC- Naw, my team, my shot

TMac- Fu** you! All you do is those weak a$$ dunks.

VC- Shut yo mouth. Don't make me dunk on you like I did when we were 16.

TMac- That was bull, you barely even left the ground.

(On the next play, TMac and Carter both catch the ball simaltaneously, and fight for the ball- until the game is over, Raptors lose, and the Raptors then trade each T Mac and VC for pennies on the dollar, and the TMac VInsanity rivalry even surpasses the Kobe-Shaq feud, and While TMac and Carter evjoy great careers and and tittles with their own teams, the Raptors flirt with mediocracy, and draft Darkooooooooooooooooooo.)

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That's kinda funny because

That's kinda funny because the Raps would arguably have been a better team if they had never traded for Oakley. Trading a young center in Marcus Camby coming off his second year in the league (and leading the NBA in BPG with 3.7) for a 35 year old veteran PF was ridiculous especially since they already had Antonio Davis to provide that toughness down low.

A hypothetical 2001 lineup of the below would have been pretty elite (Mark jackson started at PG most of the season for the Raps but I didn't include him because Toronto only signed him as a FA because they had leftover money when TMac left); two of the three best swingmen in the game at the time, an unselfish PG and a frontcourt that was very good on the boards and strong defensively.

PG Alvin Williams

SG Tracy McGrady

SF Vince Carter

PF Antonio Davis

C Marcus Camby


G/F Morris Peterson

F Keon Clark

C Kevin Willis

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bring em back

I think Toronto should sign both these dudes this off season. Carter I think has partially guaranteed contract this year with PHX. DeRozan can learn some things this season and come off the bench one or two more years. People will say the young guy needs to start and get minutes but I think if he can absorb these elite swings knowledge he will be all the better. T-Mac showed that he can still play with Detroit last season. Honestly I think these guys still have 2 more good years in the NBA, defensively they are slouches but Toronto never was known for D, although our new coach wont agree. I know everyone hated how Carter left but let the man repent on his sins. Finish his career where he started and retire #15. Forget Barg trailer 3s lets see some carter trailers.

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Who knows

Good point Howard, the team should have stuck with Camby.... even though he played about 8 games in the next 4 years. (there was no way to know that would happen).

The problem was clearly with VC. I was kid and I thought that Tmac was silly for leaving in some ways, but there are a number of reasons he left:

1) Taxes in Florida vs. Ontario

2) Weather

3) Grant Hill, if fully healthy, was just as good as VC. He was a better overall player. (passing, bb IQ and defense)

4) ***He must have had chemistry issues with VC. Truthfully, when VC choked in the playoff series against the Knicks, and Tmac was scoring 20 ppg, tmac became the better player. If Tmac had stayed, and took over the team in a sense, what would Vince's reaction have been? Judging by the way he left Toronto, I'm not sure he would have reacted well. VC seemed to have some sensitive ego issues that got in the way of his career.

Overall, Raptors were not nearly good enough on D to be true contenders. The west had about 6 teams that were better than the best East team.

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They are cousins, they

They are cousins, they wouldn't have been fighting for the ball.

How the east was so weak then, the Raptors would have made it to the finals all those three years against the Lakers. I'm sure they could have squeezed out one title. They had the perfect balance of young players and vets.

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Those were some great times

If you were a Raptor fan, no doubt. The couple years we got to see Vince and Tracy, they were looking like a great duo. Throw in Antonio Davis and Oak, those were a couple of bruisers you had to get through. They had great role guys as well and seeing that the very next year, they made it one shot away from the conference finals, at the very least the finals were a possibility had Tracy stayed. Orlando was always where both of them had wanted to go. I knew a good friend of Vince's who had wanted him to be drafted by Orlando. Kind of surprised that he only stayed with the Magic for as long as he did, but he and Tracy are clearly well past their prime at this point. Not that they both are still not solid players, but they are just not what they used to be.

For everyone who says that they would not have worked out, you should have seen them together. They were honestly talking about Jordan and Pippen, Tracy even said he likened himself to Pippen. Near the end of T-Mac's last year in TO, some were starting to question as to whether he was actually the better of the two. But, for people who said all Vince could do is dunk, they do not know Vince Carter. He was an explosive athlete, but he could score in a bevy of ways. He had a mid range game, just like T-Mac did. He shot pretty well from 3 point range as well. Athleticism only lasts so long, but Vince and Tracy were two of the leagues top scorers for a LONG period of time. I know one thing, T-Mac probably does not regret leaving for Orlando, but he wishes that he could have seen what it was like had he played those couple of years with a healthy Vince Carter rather than suffering through Grant Hill's issues with injury. They may not have won championships, but I think Finals appearances were not out of the question, and the Raps history would be a whole lot different than it is as of today.

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