Vassilis Kavvadas Update

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Vassilis Kavvadas Update

Vassilis Kavvadas made the Greek national team for EuroBasket 2013. He would only be getting ready for his senior year of college if he was American.

Like I said before here many times, he is a BEAST and he SHOULD HAVE BEEN DRAFTED.

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how high would you have

how high would you have drafted him?

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Thank goodness! I've been

Thank goodness! I've been waiting months to hear news about him. My summer months are now complete. I'm simply percolating with excitement about this.

Do you have any news about Panagiotis-Cristofoulos Papanikolaopolussulakos?!? Last I heard he was a 5 year old dominating his youth league.....

Thank you for posting these updates on an NBA website. Being American, we are barred from even 'google-searching' Greek basketball players because David Stern decreed it to be so. Otherwise I'd just go to a Greek basketball website to get my fix for the day. I can only hope there is an 'American-Baller' out there who posts NBA news to Greek basketball websites.

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He's getting

5 and 2 (being generous with rounding up) for a Greek team. Why should he be drafted agin? So he can lead the league in V's in a name?

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He got picked for the Greek

He got picked for the Greek team. So?

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