Value of Kirk Hinrich

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Value of Kirk Hinrich

With D Rose coming back sometime the Bulls would have 4 PG's on their roster. The Bulls likely will try and trade Hamilton and move Hinrich to the SG. However, IF the Bulls attempted to trade Hinrich does he have any value in terms of draft picks? Would Boston be willing to give up anything to get him? He has one more year left on his contract at about 4 mil/year.

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I do not see a team giving up

I do not see a team giving up much for him. In fact I can see the bulls giving up a 2nd rounder just to get rid of one of the following Hamilton/Hinrich/Robinson so they do not hit the luxury tax similar to what the Grizzlies did with the Cavs.

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With Boston

A Hinrich for Courtney Lee swap might interest Boston. Dumping the massively disappointing Lee and his longer deal for Kirk and his expiring might not be a bad idea. Not sure how Thibs would feel about that. He LOVES Captain Kirk. Apparently Kirk has forced his match up to shoot 15% lower than their season average.

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