Valanciunas a legit 7'0"

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Valanciunas a legit 7'0"

chadfordinsider Chad Ford
Combing back through my notes from Eurocamp. Valanciunas measured 7'0"/245 lb with a 7-4 wingspan & 9' 3" standing reach there.

chadfordinsider Chad Ford
We had Valanciunas listed at 6-10/230lbs. Pretty big difference.

I think the Cavs should take him at #4. Him and Irving would be a deadly pick-&-roll tandem. You have to think he still has a chance to grow, he just turned 19. Imagine if he did, he could be a monster in the future if he keeps putting on weight and improves his post moves even more

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If he last to Toronto, they

If he last to Toronto, they need to take him. Raptors also need to trade Barg for a legit small forward.

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This guy has great defensive

This guy has great defensive potential. He already is considered a good defender and an excellent rebounder.

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Yeah, his numbers are almost

Yeah, his numbers are almost as good as Darko's combine numbers. I can't believe he will last all the way to the number 4 spot.

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I've watched a couple hours of film on this guy...

and I was shocked by how unimpressive he was.

I don't think he'll ever develop into a legit NBA player. His offensive game is worse than Biyombo's in my opinion (more moves, but less athleticism for put-backs). No chance I'd pick him in the top 10.

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He fouls like a madman and is

He fouls like a madman and is very raw offensively.

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Raw offensively

You must not have seen him play, sir. lol ( this comes from a person who saw Jonas play 20+ ( 3 times in person ) times this past season)

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"Yeah, his numbers are almost

"Yeah, his numbers are almost as good as Darko's combine numbers."

I get the point you are trying to make, but I find that as a HUGE red flag.

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