UVA defense...

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UVA defense...

I have not seen a college team defend like the Virginia Cavaliers did this entire season. Their rotations, help, traps rebounding, toughness, challenges at the rim were a thing of beauty to watch. The came up just short against an elite Michigan State team last night. In an era of high scoring, it was great to see that defense can still win championships with UVA taking the regular season and ACC tournament titles. I can't compare their D to any college team before because I had never seen anything like it.

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I agree. I was totally blown

I agree. I was totally blown away by their suffocating D. MSU was trying to get Harris open of some pin downs but UVA hedges so well. They must prepare for games so well because they had an answer defensively for everything except the unreal play of Dawson and Payne.

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This team has one year wonder

This team has one year wonder written all over them.

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