Utah-Orlando Trade Idea

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Utah-Orlando Trade Idea

The Magic have been rumored to be shopping Vince Carter, and the Jazz would most likely like to get rid of Andrei Kirilenko so I though what about a Kirilenko for Carter swap? It works under the cap and it would be an interestign situation for both teams.

Utah Jazz

PG Williams
SG Carter(Matthews would be the 6th man)
SF Miles(Trading Kirilenko opens up some more playing time for Hayward)
PF Millsap
C Okur

Orlando Magic

PG Nelson
SG Redick(He would be able to start if Carter leaves)
SF Kirilenko
PF Lewis(Slide Lewis to the 4 where he can play and start Kirilenko at the 3)
C Howard

What do you guys think bout this trade idea?

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hell yea on redick f*ck you chicago for trading hinrich

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Don't try and dump your trash on my team,
now if you want to discuss Gortat, We could actually use him

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i dont like it for orlando,

i dont like it for orlando, they should try and get younger not another aging veteran

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jerry sloan

if this happened this would be the first time in nba history a coach choked a player, sloan would not like how soft carter is

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Carter cant even practice

Carter cant even practice without almost getting an injury and he always has soe sort of nagging injury.Hes hanging on by a thread...

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i don't really think orlando

i don't really think orlando would do it because they are losing on the offensive end. Their deffensive stopper is petris

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Somehow I actually think that

Somehow I actually think that it makes both teams worse. Most coaches in the league would not put up with the baggage that comes with Carter and Jerry Sloan definitely falls into that category. Carter also proved in this post-season that he is not the clutch, prime time player that the Magic were taking the big chance on. He was completely out played by J.J. Redick to the point where people actually think that Redick would be an improvement over Carter, so why would Utah want to pick up Carter? He plays no defense and when Orlando really needed his scoring in he playoffs he decided to send his stunt double.

Kirilenko on the other hand I think still has quite a bit of value because he plays hard, plays defense and seems like a coachable player. What Orlando needs is what they were hoping that Carter was going to give them and that is not only scoring 18ppg during the regular season, but stepping it up in the playoffs when scoring is even harder to come by. Kirilenko is never going to be the scorer that the Magic need and Redick is not good enough to be playing 40+ minutes a game, which he would have to do in this situation.

So I don't see how this helps either team.

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