Utah Jazz predictions

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Utah Jazz predictions

1. The Jazz trade up for McCollumn

but if not

2. They draft Bebe at 14. and Isiah Caannon at 21.

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no no

keep Millsap draft Larkin at 14 and A big at 21. They need to try to get Danny Granger or monta Ellis

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Take whoever falls out of

Take whoever falls out of Muhamed, Adams or KCP with 14(If none fall take either Nogiuera or Shroeder). At 21 take whoever falls out of Giannis, Schroeder or Tony Mitchell.

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Draft Larkin at 14 (or

Draft Larkin at 14 (or Karasev if avaliable)
And Gorgui Dieng at 21... Imo

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my jazz

#14 bap
#21 bap
Let all the free agents go.
Sign league minimum one year contracts to fill out the roster.
Let the young guys play. Suck. Have a chance to add Wiggins next year and have ridicules cap space with a good young team to add free agents to

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I'm down with the tank for Wiggins plan

Do you think Golden State will let us borrow there tank that they used to keep their pick in 2012. I hear it was a very nice tank indeed.

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Someone listened to Locke's

Someone listened to Locke's newest podcast. ;)

The team has said that they think that Larkin can really play despite the size so I think they will take him at 14. 21 is a bit of a wild card, but I suspect they will take the best big guy available.

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Let Milsap, Big Al walk..

Develop Kanter and Favors properly. Not like they're going to do any damage during the regular season with Milsap/Big Al.. And if they do, it'll likely be a first round sweep by the opposing team..

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They luck out and get MCW at

They luck out and get MCW at 14 and Olynyk at 21. Best draft of any team, value-wise.

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Prior to the 2013-14 time

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