Utah Jazz PGs

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Utah Jazz PGs

Who are the Jazzs main options for free agent pgs. Is anyone going to compete with trey?

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They should re-sign Mo

They should re-sign Mo Williams to a 1 year contract ...I think Trey Burke has shown over the past few summer league game that he could use some veteran tutelage and have the luxury of coming off the pine

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Utah will be 1 of the 3 worst

Utah will be 1 of the 3 worst teams next season....
Jefferson & Millsaps carried that team....

Looking at their roster as it stands right now,they have the worst collection of pgs in the nba...Their best playmaker might be Hayward..

Mo Williams will help a little,but his knock throughout his carer is that he's not a pg..Brandon Jennings might be available,if the Hawks dont send him to Milwaukee in a sign & trade for Teagues...

People have already written off Burks after his shaky performance in SL..But i think he'll be fine when he season starts,he's more in the mold of Mark Jackson then CP3..Maybe his rookie stats will be 9pts/4assts/1stl.......Becuz he's a system player and Utah are known to have a system that fits a player's talent...Guys like Carroll and Tinsley were written off ,but they go to Utah and they play better.......

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I agree with TaylorCordin,

I agree with TaylorCordin, Burke is not ready to be thrown into the fire just yet as the starting PG. I don't know if Mo Williams is the best option to tutor the young rookie but I also don't think there are many better options out there. Maybe bring D-Fish in for veteran leadership but it makes me chuckle just thinking about that. Also he didn't leave Utah in the best manor.

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Resigning Mo Williams doesn't

Resigning Mo Williams doesn't make sense in light of what the Jazz have been doing. Taking Jefferson and Biedrins for a salary dump and letting Foye walk for a 2nd round pick means the Jazz are in rebuilding mode, and taking on an aging veteran to start doesn't mesh with the rest of the lineup. People are overreacting to summer league.

There are plenty of summer league heroes who struggle in the NBA (Anthony Randolph to name just one), so why should struggling necessarily indicate an inability to play?

Why would anyone be in a rush to get to 41 wins?

Plus, Mo Williams isn't a garbage player. As if offering him a 1 year deal to be a mentor to a rookie is going to lure him anyways. For his sake, I hope he finds a team that will over him a few years and a chance to compete.

I doubt the Jazz could land any PG that ideally could compete with Trey for the spot. They're going to have to draft to find that guy cause history shows every year the Jazz can't pull in a big time FA to SLC.

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Interesting point by Rude Boy

Interesting point by Rude Boy about the Jazz being one of the three worse teams next season, I respect his opinion but I had not thought of the Jazz in that light. I will say a lot will depend on Kanter and Favours now they have let Jefferson and Millsap walk but saved aprox $23 million in salary.

We will really get to see where these two guys are, Favours will be going into his 4th season and Kanter his 3rd and when we look at the sort of stats that say DMC who was drafted at the same time as Favours is putting you can see what could reasonably be expected of Favour and Kanter minus all the baggage DMC carries of course.

Having moved up for Trey Burke, we can assume that Utah see him as their long term PG but a veteran presence to assist him early on and even to allow him to play off the bench at first and to help close out games would seem logical. The ideal candidate Chauncy Billups has just gone back to Detroit so the logic in bringing back Mo Williams is strong as Mo can also play as a combo guard or be an ideal 6th man going forward. Another FA that sprang to mind in Beno Udrich, he's a quality passer and a very sound player who could assist Burke for a year or so.

Plus Utah also have Jerry Sloan back as an advisor, if I was Coach Corbin, I'd certainly try to get Jerry Sloan to have a few chats with Burke, watch him in practice and pass on all his knowledge of the game to him whilst Coach Corbin concentrates on his main coaching duties. Having Jerry around to draw on his experience will certainly be a boost for Utah and I'm sure they could look to get John Stockton to maybe watch and advise Burke a bit if Stockton had the time.

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Cheap free agent options

Think it'd be good to sign Beno Udrih on the cheap to help slowly bring Burke along? He's not the best PG by any stretch, but I think he could help Burke as a mentor with professionalism/steady play/fundamentals. Another idea to help fulfill the same role would be Jamaal Tinsley. I don't think Mo would be the best option, as he already said he won't accept being a backup to Burke, and it could cause some locker room friction. Plus, Mo is not a great PG- he's a SG trapped in a PG's body.

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Cheap free agent options Part 2

I like the way this team is looking. Favors and Kanter have been caged beasts waiting to break out. People underestimate their ability. While they will miss Millsap, I don't think people realize how much having both him and Jefferson was holding back the arguably more talented pair of Favors and Kanter. I think this year they take the league by storm and start to fulfill their potential. Hayward is a nice complementary piece that can be basically like slightly smaller Chandler Parsons/Jared Dudley, and Burke has the potential to be a good PG. The big unknown for me is who the SG is. Alec Burks has shown flashes of being good, but they've been few and far between. But this is a team that's very much built to pound the inside with Kanter, and spread the floor with Hayward and Burke.

And as for being in the bottom 3 in the NBA...that's an utter and complete joke. To me, the Jazz are going to be better than: the Suns, Bobcats, Sixers, Orlando, Sacramento, New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, Minnesota, Toronto, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. And they could possibly end up being better than Dallas, Denver, and Portland.

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No bench and a ton young

No bench and a ton young players = a lot of losses. The first 30-40 games are going to be ROUGH, but they will finish pretty strong. Basically mimicking Washington last year. Still banking on Jabari in a Jazz uniform in 14-15. For the very short amount of time when Jabari was thinking about BYU as an option for school, there was more attention and buzz about that than any Jazz win last year. It was crazy.

I only see the Jazz being better than Orlando, Phoenix and maybe Charlotte. I think Sacramento is making some strides to be a better team. I like the pick-ups of Vasquez and Landry.

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