USA vs. the World

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USA vs. the World

if Team USA had to play against the best players born outside of the states who would they be and how well would the World Team do against USA? 12 men roster as a reminder.

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It would be a great game to

It would be a great game to watch but still USA simply has better players. I would love to see it one day.

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World C: Marc Gasol PF: Dirk


C: Marc Gasol - Al Horford
PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Pau Gasol
SF: Luol Deng - Danilo Gallinari
SG: Manu Ginobili - Ben Gordon
PG: Steve Nash - Tony Parker


C: Dwight Howard - Andrew Bynum
PF: Kevin Love - Blake Griffin
SF: LeBron James - Kevin Durant
SG: Kobe Bryant - Dwyane Wade
PG: Chris Paul - Derrick Rose

I'd take Team USA 9 times out of 10.

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Some tough calls on who makes

Some tough calls on who makes the team for both teams. Here is my attempt at what the rosters would look like:


Center: Dwight, Bynum

Power Forward: Love, Aldridge,

Small Forward: Lebron, Durant, Anthony

Shooting Guard: Wade, Kobe

Point Guard: Westbrook, Rose, Rondo

Honorable mention: Paul, Williams, Joe Johnson, Blake Griffin, Hibbert

All World Team

Center: Gasol, Bogut,

Power Forward: Dirk, Gasol, Ibaka

Small Forward: Deng, Batum, Gallo

Shooting Guard: Manu, Fernandez

Point Guard: Parker, Nash

Honorable Mention: Rubio, Pietrus, Dragic, Gortat, Nene, Beaubois

I think the international team would be overwhelmed by team USA's athleticism and I feel that their overall talent is too high for the international team to compete.

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It'd be REALLY close and it'd

It'd be REALLY close and it'd be interesting to see their contrasting of styles where USA relies on its athleticism and power while the Internationals rely on their skill and finesse.

The World would have the advantage in big men but USA (fully healthy) imo would still come out with the win. We have the three best players in the world in Lebron, Durant, and Kobe who the Internationals for the most part couldn't matchup with.

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USA but its closer than u think. I like the international teams frontcourt with Dirk and the Gasol bros. Those are 3 of the top big men in the game. Anyways, USA would win for all the reasons mentioned already. Too athletic, intense, better defensivley.

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