The Upside And Potential Of OJ Mayo

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The Upside And Potential Of OJ Mayo

I used to think that OJ Mayo was overrated and overhyped, but after getting a chance to watch him play a couple of times this year with Memphis. I have been very impressed with his professionalism, unselfishness, team first attitude, and potential to develop into a true good combo guard ( a guard who can play both the pg and sg positions equally well ). And it's obvious that oj mayo still has alot of upside left in his game, and if he lands in the right situation in the off season, specifically with a team that will feature him more, allow him to develop and maximize his abilities, and allow him to work on turning his weaknesses into strengths. I think he definitely with ease has the potential to develop into a allstar caliber combo guard in the NBA with-in the next coming years

When I watch him play, he has a skill set that is very similar to Ben Gordon and Joe Dumars

Like Ben Gordon, OJ Mayo is a very talented scorer and shooter, who has the ability to create and make very difficult shots against very tough defense. His main weapon is his jump shot, which he can make from any and every angle. He has very good offensive footwork on the perimeter ( he can utilize very good balance & body control on the perimeter, jabsteps, stepbacks, shotfakes from every angle, 1-2 dribble pull-ups, he can make difficult fadeaways with ease, he moves well with-out the ball in catch & shoot and catch & drive situations). He really is a very talented scorer, who at times can become a guard who's simply too hard to guard. The only things that he needs to work on to become an even better offensive player, is to simply challenge himself to become more confident in his slashing ability ( which can be easily done, because he's a very skilled ballhandler, who can utilize a variety of dribble moves to create space and driving lanes for himself ). He also needs to work on maximizing his finishing ability around the rim. Which will turn him into a guard who can consistently get 20 -25 ppg with ease every game.

Great Examples Of OJ Mayo's Offensive Talent & Ability:

Like Joe Dumars, OJ Mayo is a solid defender and a true combo guard, who plays with a tremendous amount of poise, confidence, toughness, and unselfishness. He's the kind of player who's willing to take the big shot or make the extra pass to create better offensive opportunities for his teammates. And like Joe Dumars, OJ Mayo will be a great combo guard playing alongside a great point guard, where he can share playmaking, ball handling, and decision making duties with the point guard, but be asked to do what he does best. Which is score and shoot the ball at a very high level while playing the shooting guard position.

I've been very impressed with the development oj mayo this year, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of player he develops into within the next coming years.

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He could have been an elite

He could have been an elite numbers guy for his position on a bum team or become a role player on a competitive team. It wasn't so much a choice of his (it was more Randolph and Gasol) but he bought in and adjusted. Good for him. It is hard to see how Memphis can afford to pay him after paying ZBo, Gasol, Gay, and Conley, but he won't have a problem finding work.

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Underrated professional

His demeanor in the NBA, considering how he was labeled entering the league, has been really, really impressive, especially given that he's had to embrace a more minor role after an expectedly strong rookie year.

Honestly, I think his career will benefit (especially in terms of longevity) from his stint in Memphis. You can bet that they won't shell out the necessary dough for him when they have $54M committed to Zbo, Gay, Gasol and Conley next year. Mayo still has all the talent in the world...and because of his ups and downs in performance in Memphis, plus the team's playoff success, he has a lot more to his person as well as his game that he can carry on down the line.

He's still only 24...I think he would be a good fit for the Wolves, Sixers or Suns in free agency next year.

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I still think he can be a

I still think he can be a tertiary star on a contender and would love to see him on a club like Cleveland.

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I actually think Both Teams

I actually think Both Teams put it best. Still may end up being able to be a 1st scoring option on a winning team if that team were compled the way the early-mid 2000's Piston's were. His potential is good, but not what we all thought it was when he was in highschool.

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After having a great rookie

After having a great rookie year and being seen as an almost model player after the issues that had surrounded his pre-NBA career, Mayo went into decline and was nearly traded. But this year he has started to play well again and taken on almost a James Harden/Ginobli bench scoring role, I've heard no issues about him being unhappy being a bench guy and he has helped Memphis to be a likely play off team.

If they can match his salary expectations remains to be seen but I can see him having a fair few suitors this summer either from a contender with some cap space maybe looking for him to do the bench role or from a lottery team wanting him to become one of their main guys. Charlotte desperately need scoring so could maybe make a play for him and alongside Irving at Cleveland would be a decent fit.

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I have said it on this site a

I have said it on this site a few times but I say he has the upside of a Byron Scott.

the thing is, that is sooo tricky today because he would have to not only fall in the right situation but be lucky enough to remain in that situation. with free agency and all the cap issues and drafting by potential, the NBA is more like musical chairs these days.

see my thread on Free Agency here :

this is what hurts Mayo the most....because think about it....Mayo and some other guys in the league have been actively shopped for the past 2 years. he cant reach the level of Byron Scott when he is always on the trading block.

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Oj mayo can be a top tier

Oj mayo can be a top tier player.All he needs is the right system. The man can ball.

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Fact: In back-to-back summers, Chris Wallace traded Love's rights for O.J. Mayo's rights and drafted Hasheem Thabeet over James Harden and Ricky Rubio … and somehow, Memphis is still my favorite 2012 sleeper. I know, this has nothing to do with Love's MVP campaign. I just didn't know where else to put it in the column. The Love/Mayo swap doesn't get mentioned nearly enough.

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how about the wiz

id like mayo joining wall too form a very good young athletich back court and the wiz are in dire need of a good 2

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