The upside and potential of Alex Poythress

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The upside and potential of Alex Poythress

He reminds of a mix between Jeff Green and Brandon Bass

He's a great athlete with a great strong and mature body, who has solid combo forward skills

I think he can easily develop into a starting power forward or small forwad in the NBA if works on improving his motor and if he works on enhancing his basketball I.Q ( he needs to work on consistently making the simple play which will help him become a more efficient basketball player )

A suprisingly very good shooter who has the athleticism and skill set that will allow him to potentially develop into a player who can score in a variety ways

I love his physical tools and potential to develop into a very skilled, physically tough, and rug-ged basketball player

If he develops properly, I think he might end up being the best nba player from this year's kentucky team

I actually think he went to the wrong college. Because he probably needs to spend 2 to 3 years in college to develop properly and prepare himself to be successful in the NBA, but the mindset of being a one and done player might hurt his development if he decides to leave early

He will greatly benefit from playing with a great point guard who can help create easier offensive opportunities for him and who will do a better job of using his dynamic physical tools and athletic finishing ability

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hes a naturally good

hes a naturally good player.... but he needs to come back

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I really like the Jeff Green

I really like the Jeff Green comparison, but Green had 3 years to develop and Poythress needs at least two. I think worst case he can be a Marvin Williams type.

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He really needs to work on

He really needs to work on his ball-handling if he could handle the ball he would score much more.

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He's a 25 ppg game scorer. He has the physical abilities of LeBron James. I like him better than Andrew Wiggins.

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Lebron's Hairline
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Your joking right?

Your joking right?

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I think Terrence Jones was a

I think Terrence Jones was a better prospect his freshman year than Poythress has been. But Jones had more talent around him, so maybe that is why I think that.

With that said, Poythress has a surprisingly good spot up jumper (when he has some space) and has improved in attacking the rim, mostly from the baseline. Early in SEC play he was averaging about 2 charges per game. He could be a little more aggressive in going after rebounds. He has no post moves. He has loads of potential though and thats what the NBA guys like.

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Unlimited... I think better

I think better than Green or Williams, but the guy needs to get a motor and a mean streak.

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