Updated Position Rankings (3.0)

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Updated Position Rankings (3.0)

Without further ado, here are my current top 5's based on rising/falling stock, workouts, shooting numbers, measurements, etc.

TOP 5 PG's :

1) John Wall- his stock has only increased with his 39 inch vert and having the fastest lane agility time at the combine (10.84 seconds)...measuring a manly 6'4'' 196 also boosted his secure stock as the #1 pick the 2010 draft…not much else to say about Wall, he has been under a spotlight for a while now and has performed miraculously.

2) Eric Bledsoe- his quickness, acceleration, and the fact that IF he was the featured guard on a different team he would probably have put up more significant numbers…he has gotten the knock for being too much like a combo guard for his diminutive size but I feel that he can be a deadlier version of Jonny Flynn or Mike Conley with his elite burst and court vision.

3) Terrico White- combine-leading 40 inch vert only helped this athletic combo guards stock...his shooting was also very positive (69.8% total)...6'5'' 203 with 3.9% body fat? I’ll take it. Plus, he put up good numbers at Ole Miss against good competition (15.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg)…however, his assist numbers were never high and he has question marks around him regarding being able to lead a team.

4) Armon Johnson-shot lights out (73%) and measured very nicely (6'8'' wingspan, 5% body fat)...That being said, along with Terrico White, I’m not entirely sold on Johnson's natural ability to play the point. This PG class is hideously weak and if this was next year's class, Johnson would be a second rounder. But because he has entered the ’10 draft, look for Johnson to make his way to a team late in the 1st round in need of some youth/depth at point guard.

5) Greivis Vasquez- his measurements were very supportive (6'6.5'' 211) He shot very nicely (69%) overall and his 3-point shooting numbers were good which was pleasant to see…However, his lack of blow-by ability and explosion could hinder his career even though I personally believe he'll have a solid career because of his intangibles (passion, leadership, desire to win, etc.). His stock has grown due to him being able to answer some of the questions that were surrounding him like how would he measure and how would his athleticism results end up.

TOP 5 SG's

1) Evan Turner- displayed decent strength at the combine (9 bench reps) and his size was remarkable (6'7'' 214)…Evan also performed nicely in the sprint (3.27). This big and skilled guard has all the tools to be a perennial all-star. Turner has solidified himself within the top 4 because Minnesota (29th in the NBA in FG%), Philadelphia (22ND in points per game), and New Jersey (dead last in scoring and shooting) are thee of the weakest offensive teams in the league and Turner can step in right away and make a difference.

2) Xavier Henry- his massive NBA-ready body was on display as he pumped out a 36.5 inch vert and registered a blazing 3.18 in the ¾ court sprint...he has a great feel for the game and he's only going to get better...very high ceiling, let’s hope he turns out to be like fellow Kansas alum and strong-bodied wing Paul Pierce. Expect Xavier to go in the lottery due to his tremendous maturity for his youth (born in March of 1991) and his developed game/body.

3) Avery Bradley- the one thing that has been preached consistently about Avery is his ability to play lockdown defense...he's quick, tenacious and aggressive with great lateral quickness and a good feel for the ball...he measured an explosive 37.5 inch vert and ran a fast sprint..his body weight and strength both need to increase but he's going to be a very good defensive NBA player...his shooting was just average however (58%) and that has hampered Bradley’s stock throughout this process-his lack of offense. However, though I don’t feel Avery Bradley will be a star I think he can be a constant contestant to make the ALL-NBA Defensive Team.

4) James Anderson- his stock has taken a bit of a hit, and he may drop into the 20's because of his average shooting number (58%)...athleticism numbers were very impressive despite the fact that he plays below the rim (35.5 inch vert, 14 reps, 3.19 sprint) as were measurements (6'5.75'' 208) but this stud shooter had a rough outing and it may have cost him a little bit. That being said, do not expect teams like San Antonio at 19 to pass up on this experienced scorer.

5) Dominique Jones- his size was undeniably helpful to his stock (6'5'' 216, 6% body fat) and his strength was great (19 reps) but his vert wasn’t special (32.5) and his shooting was just decent...he's got a good build and everyone knows he can score… perhaps Jones will be best fit as a solid off the bench scorer, 6th man type guy who can change the pace of an offense and really disrupt other teams offensively. To me, he is a more athletic Flip Murray, with less of a 1-on-1 game.

TOP 5 SF's

1) Wesley Johnson- His amazing athletic numbers (37 inch vert, 16 reps, and 3.22) in the sprint has me officially convinced he'll go in the top 6...I don’t think it would be wise for Minnesota to pass up on a guy with this much upside. He measured in at a long 6'7.25'' 206 lbs. with a 7'1'' wingspan…he didn’t take part in the shooting drills mainly to preserve his stock… even though most of us know Johnson’s a very good shooter, especially from the mid-range...high ceiling despite his age (22).

2) Al-Farouq Aminu- his nonchalant attitude may turn off coaches but his size wont (6'8.5'' 216 with a 7'3.25'' wingspan)…13 bench reps and 3.3 in the sprint were nice to see…Aminu is a boom or bust type player, he has a lot of skill but we haven’t seen that drive or determination in his eyes that would lead us to believe he could be a star in the league. The killer instinct isn’t displayed by Aminu so we’re not sure if he does or doesn’t have it.

3. TIE) Paul George- a lot of talk has surrounded George whether he would have been as productive had he played against better competition but the guy can play...his measurements were nice (6'8 3/4'' and 214 lbs) but he didn’t do any physical skill tests besides the bench press (a measly 4 reps) and his shooting was below average...that being said, his stock has surprisingly not decreased. If anything, it has somehow gone up. However, I feel like we do not know quite enough about Paul George to get a good read on what type of NBA player he will become at this point. Could he be Tracy McGrady? Or is he Julian Wright?

3. TIE) Luke Babbitt- his stock has increased more than almost anyone’s, 6'8.75'' 218 with a 6'11.25'' wingspan and 5% body fat...his shooting was exceptional and his 37.5 inch vert was ridiculous...I think he could be a legit starter in the league and after watching a video posted by someone on here, I think Babbitt is actually much quicker and more athletic than I initially insisted.

5) Gordon Hayward- we knew he was agile and athletic after watching him play so much this season and his measurements were good (34.5 inch vertical leap, 10 reps, 3.22 sprint) but he didn’t shoot all that great (64%)...6'8'' 211 lbs. so he proved to be taller than I thought, I thought he was going to be 6'7'' with shoes...the guy is extremely talented and I think he'll be a lottery pick because of his intriguing skill set. He can create off the dribble and has a knack for making big plays at big moments.

TOP 5 PF's (the deepest group)

1) Derrick Favors- the man-beast didn’t disappoint when he measured in at 6'10'' 245 as billed..7'4'' wingspan with only 6% body fat? damn. anyways, favors has a ridiculous body and even more talent even though his lack of offensive production led some scouts to be skeptical of his offensive ceiling...he jumped 35.5 and his 14 bench reps were nice to see...favors has the chance to be a star, I think he has the right attitude and he reminds me a lot of a bigger version of Michael Beasley (hopefully with less character issues)

2) Greg Monroe- the polished, poised, and talented passing 4 had a nice pre-draft go around. He first measured in at a very solid 6'11'' and a 7'2.25'' wingspan...however for having a leaner frame, he had a surprisingly high body fat % at 11.2...The knack on Monroe is that he's not that athletic and it’s unfortunate that he didn’t necessarily kill that criticism...his vert was not great (29 inches) and his hands were small but Monroe has a professionalism about him that should turn on a lot of GM’s around the league. He is also a great passing big out of the high post, something that is underrated for a power forward now-a-days. Very mature in how he holds himself.

3) Patrick Patterson- despite being out of the spotlight this past season, Patrick still managed to put up solid numbers at Kentucky (14.3 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 1.3 bpg, 35% 3PT, 58% FG). When many were determined that Patterson would measure around 6’7’’ in shoes but he actually came in at 6’8’’ and a very respectable 6’9.25’’ in shoes. His built body was on display at the combine as he weighed 240 lbs. and bench pressed 185 a quality 17 times. His body fat was 5.3% and he had a wingspan over 7 feet. He has made a name for himself as a deadly mid-range athlete with a bruising body. Reminds me of David West and I can see Patterson having that time of production (18 and 7) within a few years.

4) Ekpe Udoh- this may be a shocker not seeing Ed Davis in front but Udoh has a lot to offer a team. Udoh’s athleticism results were all just decent (10 bench reps, 3.29 sprint, 33.5 inch vert) and his measurements a little disappointing (not even 6’10’’ in shoes?) but he had a nice wingspan and his overall basketball game is very impressive. Watching him on display earlier this season in a big win over Texas (he had 25 pts, 8 rebs, 3 assts), I thought he was pretty similar to LaMarcus Aldridge, he had a nice face-up game but seemed more athletic. He didn’t look lost and had a nice inside-outside game to show. I can’t see him slipping past Milwaukee at 15.

5) Ed Davis- so many questions surrounding Davis but it’s hard to argue against his youth and potential. He has yet to display any serious offensive game and his numbers were very similar to Udoh’s. He averaged 12.9 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 2.7 bpg and shot 58% from the field. His stock took a hit when he weighed in at a lean 227 lbs. but had 10% body fat. His vertical was awesome (36 inches) but he didn’t participate in the bench pressing so I think he’s hiding his lack of upper body strength (there are reasons why players where tee’s underneath their jerseys). Davis was 6’9.75’’ in shoes (same height as Udoh) and I think he could be a Tyrus Thomas type NBA player (10 and 7 and 1.5 off the bench).

Top 5 C’s:
1) DeMarcus Cousins- Ok, so he is a little chunky (292 lbs. with 16% body fat) but he’s still a kid and he hasn’t even gotten close to touching his potential. He has a beastly offensive game and a massive frame that could turn into muscle if he gets on the right weight program. That being said, his personality problems are a cause for concern (lack of hustle, motivation, spoiled, sense of entitlement, complaining, etc.). But check this out: as a freshman he averaged 23.5 mpg and 15.1 ppg. That being translated to 48 mpg would put him at about 31 ppg. His 10 rebounds per game in limited timer was also a nice bright spot. He won’t fall past 5th in the draft with his insane upside.

2) Cole Aldrich- Despite the fact that I’m not a fan nor have I ever been a fan, I’m not biased at all and will give him what he deserves and that’s 2nd. He did measure in at a very sub-par height and weight (6’9’’ without shoes-6’11.25 with shoes and only 236 lbs.) but his wingspan is bizarre (almost 7’5’’). He has a raw offensive game but he can rebound, block shots, and defend. He’s a tough guy in the post and many teams are lacking that now-a-days. Expect Cole to be selected in the lottery, if he falls out-that would be a steal.

3) Hassan Whiteside- Intriguing size on this project. He measured in at a fantastic 6’11.5’’ with shoes and he added 10 reps on the bench press which was surprising for how slight his frame is (227 lbs.) The most impressive thing about Hassan is his length and he didn’t disappoint. His wingspan was a combine-leading 7’7’’ and his standing reach of 9’5’’ was tied for the highest. That being said, Whiteside is a project. He is a long, raw, shot-blocker and we have seen his type before. Even though he may not be ready for a few years, expect him to be a difference-maker in the future.

4) Daniel Orton- the wildly unaccomplished big man had to live in DeMarcus Cousins’ shadow this past season down in Lexington. His numbers were pathetic (3.3 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 13 mpg) and he had only two games this year where he scored more than 10 points. Although he didn’t do much in college, there is no doubting Orton’s talent. He measured in at 6’9.5’’ and 269 with 13% body fat but his wingspan was very impressive for his frame (7’4.25’’). His bench press number was just marginal for his body (13 reps) and he was the 5th slowest in the lane-agility test (12.32 seconds). He has a quality upside but he should definitely have stayed another year to increase his stock and learn more from a proven coach.

5) Larry Sanders- the Theo Ratliff clone took a hit with very poor athleticism results. He managed only 7 reps on the bench, didn’t jump all that high (28 inches) and he was the 4th slowest (12.49) in the lane agility test. Ok, so we know he isn’t developed physically quite yet and that is scary because he measured in quite nice. He was 6’10.5’’ and 222 lbs. with 4.6% body fat. He had a condor-like 7’5.75’’ wingspan and his standing reach was also incredible (9’4’’). Sanders isn’t going to give you a lot of offense but his shot-blocking/shot-altering abilities will most likely land him somewhere in the 1st round.


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Terrico White is more of a shooting guard

Lance Stephenson is better than Dominique Jones

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James Anderson is better than

James Anderson is better than Avery Bradley

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i would compare terrico to

i would compare terrico to javaris crittenton

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